Thursday, February 26, 2009


Kristen over at We Are That Family is passing the torch for Fro Me To You Thursdays. She is also giving away Girl Scout cookies today. I wasn't going to post anything, but now I find the deep NEED to post this photo, (I blame the Girl Scouts and their addictive baked goods).

What happens when someone forgets a can of soda in the freezer?

The color of the soda was slightly disturbing. From what I can tell, it expanded and popped a hole in the top, while still liquid inside, and fizzed and sprayed a fine mist, for along time...unnoticed. It's just one of those mom kinda days...crayon on the wall the day you move out of a house (twice!!)when they are little to sodas exploding in the freezer when they grow up.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thankful Ten Tuesday, Spring!

You can't see Canada across lake Erie, but you know it's there. It's the same with spring. You have to have faith, especially in Cleveland. ~Paul Fleischman

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" ~Robin Williams

No particular order:

1. Baby bunnies. Well,any real baby animals (not posters of them, ick).
2. Easter, and the gift of salvation through it's true meaning.
3. Easter candy.
4. Flowers, oh the glorious carpet of color that explodes across previously dead looking yards!
5. I love the first leaves of spring, how bright and cheery they are.
6. I also am thankful for the canopy and privacy those same leaves offer.
7. Baseball
8. Rain
9. Capri's, I am thankful when the weather warms up that I can keep most of my legs covered (unlike shorts) while still keeping cooler than jeans, who's with me?
10. My wedding anniversary, and some family birthdays as well. :)

JOIN IN! It's so easy to be thankful! A little gratitude goes a long way!

Friday, February 20, 2009

In all fairness

While in the car the other day Spencer lamented regarding a situation.

His father's response was, "Life isn't always fair".

Spencer answered back,"True, but couldn't it be unfair in my favor once in awhile?"

Well said.


One night, or factually it was already morning, I was dreaming. The dream was nothing spectacular. There were some people in it I knew, we were doing stuff. But then, in the dream I got the hiccups. They were terrible! They literally would interrupt the action in the dream, so I started controlling the dream a bit. Made myself hold my breath, put my arms over my head, and eventually found a glass of water in the dream. All of these things failed miserably. As I took in a breath or a sip of water a large hiccup would interrupt it. I either shook awake, or perhaps my husband woke me up, to find I really had the hiccups! It was just before 5am, and it was weird. It kinda freaked us both out, I have never experienced that before, and hope I don't again.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Engaging Love

What happens when this:

meets this?


Aaaahh amore'

(Please note the ring!)

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I don't know about your family, but in mine, cheese disappears quickly. I'll buy cheese on sale or for a good price and then, when I need it for a recipe, it's gone. While it was used for lunch or breakfast, (beanadillas, omelettes, grilled cheese, etc.), it is still non-existent when I need it.
At least that's how it used to be.
Now when I arrive home I split the cheese and freeze some portions. I utilize the frozen cheese for my recipes. If the cheese is grated simply squeeze the bag a little to break apart. If it is a block of cheese it is easy to grate while frozen. I let it thaw if it is in the middle of something, but if it is on top I leave it frozen. This prevents it from over browning.
Works for me.
What works for you?

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ten On Tuesday, Winter!

Winter came down to our home one night
Quietly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow,
And we, we were children once again.
~Bill Morgan, Jr.

1. Snow. We do not receive enough to hate it. I am thankful for it. It is beautiful, quiet and peaceful, and while it last gives everything a shimmer. It makes me feel like a kid and makes me smile and giggle.

2. Snowflakes. Look at the delicate, fabulous designs! Gloriously beautiful.(click on it, enlarge it, this is an amazing photo, un doctored, taken by my brother in Seattle)

This one is taken by Wilson Alwyn Bentley

3. Sweaters. Jeans, socks, and boots too.

4. Scarves, hats and gloves. Especially if I made them. Can't wear them in Summer!

5. Uggs, everyday.

6. While I am not thankful for short daylight hours, I am thankful for electricity to brighten our homes.

7. A time for plants, trees and the soil to rest. We all need a little rest.

8. Soup! I love good soup, and other warm foods.

9. Using the oven to bake. I know this one seems like a stretch, but those of you without good(or any) A/C know, using the oven in summer is awful! Winter is perfect for baking bread and other items that take awhile in the oven. If we had remained in Arizona I would have created an outside oven/cooking area for Summer time.

10. Holidays: Christmas, New Years, and the anniversary of our marriage proposal. All good stuff.

Gratitude in the heart brings back joy.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ten On Tuesday Subjects:

For the next four weeks I think we shall work through the seasons. So for tomorrow's ten list things you are thankful for in WINTER. Next week, Spring, then the next Tuesday; Summer, and ending the week after with Fall.

Not as creative as the numbers game I realize, but might be challenging for some of you that are partial to one season, and not another.

See you tomorrow!

Friday, February 13, 2009

It's a Snow...Something

Presenting a deranged snow sock puppet, eating a carrot.

White Wonderland

As I type this I hear the groans of an 8 year old trying to make round snowman parts. He doesn't have much practice since most of his life we have lived in southern California,and low country Arizona. Then we moved here. We personally live on a cusp. Snow doesn't always make it down this low, but occasionally we get this:

Now I am off to help build a snowman.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Back in 1986, a long , long time ago I know, I was barely 18, a freshman away at college, (well, maybe not "away" , both my parents worked there) and I really liked cute guys.

I admit it, I liked to flirt.

I met many interesting guys at college. I dated a few, got hurt by some, and was denied by others. I met Aaron late that fall semester. He was a Sophomore, still 17, and cute. He had a smile that could light up the room, and a laugh that filled it. He also had some cute friends....again "flirt". He was also a flirt, and he will admit it.

We didn't date.

I hung out with him and his friends. I was approached by a couple, but didn't seem right, so I said no. He would date some people, I dated a couple guys. Life goes on.

Eventually, maybe the next year, I was hanging around a lot more. Staying late in their on campus duplex. Aaron and I would snuggle on the sofa, watching old Star Trek (don't judge me)reruns while his room mate amazed us when he knew the episode name just by the opening credits.

We still weren't dating.

We were friends. Good friends, friends with sparks, but just friends. One night while watching Wild Wild West he turned to me and said, "You know, if we ever dated seriously, we'd end up married"
"Yep", I said casually back. And that was that.

I switched schools, he was in a serious dating relationship, and long story short I ended up married to someone else.
That didn't last, but before the end I had my twin daughters.

So, after a couple years of not communicating I called him to ask to help me move my stuff out of my marital house and away (9 hours by car), he agreed.

We stopped in San Fransisco on the way and talked for hours on the drive. Our friendship restored. We stayed friends for years, friends with sparks. One day he called me to come to a concert he was in, and when I got there he pointed out the pretty girl he wanted to ask out. Ouch. (He has since apologized). Time passed and he called and invited me to go to Cirque De Solei with him. As I got ready, as he picked me up, as he payed for dinner, and even during the show I wondered, "is this a date?". Finally, later that evening, me being me and all, I asked him and he said "Of course it is".
Oh....well good!

I'd love to say we dated , it got serious, and then we got married, but that isn't our story. We kinda dated, on and off. Something happened along the way, something was said that was painful, and we didn't talk for over a year and a half.

Then one fateful day I was switching address books and was checking all the numbers in my book. I called his pager/ voice mail number, it was still good, and I left a message...
and he called back later that night...
and we talked on the phone for hours and hours...
and 5 months later we got married, and it only took 121/2 years from when we originally met.

And I have never regretted it.

Ten years in April and still smiling.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stay Informed

We have a friend who has been diagnosed with cancer. We no longer live in his town, but not too far away, and he and his family mean alot to us. They discovered a very cool way to keep everyone up to date and informed as well as give a place to send messages, well wishes or prayers for the person with a ailment or condition.

Here is the site:

I think it is absolutely brilliant. It works for us, we can leave messages and learn what is going on without fear of waking him up or disrupting anything. He in turn can respond when he is able. For those without blogs or other networking sites it is a nice alternative. It seems simple to use as well.

Works for me.
For other great ideas head over to Rocks in My Dryer.

Ten On Two's Day

Today's thankful ten is all about numbers.

(No particular order)

One. Twins. My "1st born" was 2 babies. One could argue that "baby A" was really first out into the world, and then 18 minutes later I had my 2nd born, however, they were created at the same moment so ...well, so there.

Two.We currently have 2 running vehicles, PRAISE GOD. I am super thankful about that right now. It took a village, but it worked, they work, YAY!

Three. The Trinity, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit.

Four. There were 4 kids in my family while growing up. We have added a few more members making whole family gatherings range from 14-18 people. I love it.

Five. I have 5 incredible, close to my heart friends. Sisters by choice. They have each helped me through different times of my life, and I can't imagine my life without them.

Six. My husband is about 6'1"...and that is a splendid height to be (at least I think so anyway)

Seven. 70, both my parents are 70, and healthy, I love them, and I am very thankful for who they are.

Eight. I love 8! It's my favorite number, it's so round and curvy. It has nothing to do with my birthday at all either.

Nine. 9 months(give or take). Glad God didn't make it 23 months nor 2.

Ten. 10 pounds, 3 ounces. That's what my son weighed when he entered the world healthy and huge.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LINE THEM UP LIKE ME. It was a fluke at first, and then I just rolled with it.
Enjoy, be thankful!

Next week use the acronym: APPRECIATE to make your ten list. See you then!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Check it out. Over at We Are That Family, Kristen is hosting a fabulous carnival. To join in and possibly win great stuff you just need to write about , and post a blog honoring your honey. I'll be posting Thursday. What about you?

See you tomorrow with your Ten on Tuesday Thankful numbers list.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Go Chewy! Edited.

In a recent search for a dog, because I like to torture myself with pictures of things I can't have, I found this:

I realized I didn't write a very important fact...this dog is available for stud services. Yeah, this would have been much funnier.

I didn't know Chewy was available for such services.

Notice the close resemblance:

But seriously, who doesn't want a dog that looks like Chewbacca?!

I also found this at!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shameless Plug

In honor of my 200th post I present the following...

As I have mentioned before, my sweet, amazing, humble husband is a musician. Not just a musician, a wonderfully gifted musician. He sings, writes, plays bass and keys and more. Wherever he goes people always comment on his talent.

Here is a chance to hear more of his work, and help us out a little. No cost.

Check out the site and rate his songs. That's it.

Well, and you can pray for an increase in territory for us. We really would like to share his gifts with the world.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A 4th grader in our midst.

Someone was promoted last week. He didn't skip, he completed 3rd grade already. We switched how we homeschool, and we actually are under a public ISP now. Because of where he is in curriculum, and how he tested, he is now officially a 4th grader.

I do not believe homeschooling is for everyone. Nor do I think all public schools are terrible. This is the path we chose, and it has proven to be highly successful for our son. He can learn at a pace that is right for him. Developing a love of learning is far more important that memorizing specific facts so you test well. We believe we have accomplished this.

Now we are left with some other issues. Should he move up in the basketball league next year, or play with his age group? In AWANA he will be allowed to finish the 4 Truth and Training books in 3 years. When the time comes he will be in youth group age wise a year younger than everyone else.
Ultimately we will do what we feel is right for him and him alone, but thoughts on these issues would be helpful. Feel free to put your 2 cents in.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

Things that last.

1. God, the everlasting, omnipresent, lover of my soul.
2. Love. Now some people might argue that love doesn't last, but real love does. Not lust, not "being in love with". Hard core, unconditional , all your faults included love lasts.
3. Redwoods, amazing trees.
4. My Family, by blood and choice.
5. Leather shoes, I have a pair of boots from college and my favorite shoes are at least 11 years old. It pays to pay for leather sometimes (maybe not for growing kids).
6. Mountains and oceans.
7. Moon, stars,and sun.
8. Books.
9. Family Traditions!
10. Souls. After this time on earth, do you know where yours is going? I accepted the gift of salvation, eternity with my creator in glory.

Being thankful is for anybody, anytime, anywhere.
No matter what you believe about the world or after. Being grateful helps you realize the gifts and blessing you are surrounded by. The value of those people or things. It replenishes your weary soul. It lets you lift your face up, instead of being downcast.

Join me.
Write a list, the suggested, Things That Last, or anything you can come up with. Post it and link your post. If you don't have a blog simply leave your list in the comments. Thank you ! I appreciate your visit and(or) your participation.

Monday, February 2, 2009

You Wish You Invited Me Over Yesterday..

Just like so many others in America, I was going to go to a Superbowl party yesterday, so I made these:

Gingerbread footballs!
Although my plans changed due to a headache I still enjoyed the game, and the smaller venue enjoyed the cookies.

Yesterday also marked 51 years of marriage for my parents. Pretty cool. In honor of this fact tomorrow's Ten On Tuesday Thankfulness list wil be:

"Things That Last"

So tell me, what are you thankful for, either for a long, long time, or simply things that have been(or will be) around for a long time?

Next weeks challenge will be numbers. Your items must include a number of some sort..and while "my 3 kids" is acceptable something like "22 donuts" is not. "12oz Diet Coke" okay..."12 diet cokes", not okay. Get the idea?
I challenge you! Be creative, be grateful.

See you tomorrow.