Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WOW, It's Tuesday!

Oops! Hey look it's Tuesday already.

Ten things I am thankful for that are quick and easy, or spare of the moment, last minute...you get the idea.....

1. Microwave popcorn.
2. IM chatting.
3. Camera phones.
4. Clear nail polish to stop runs (not that I have worn stockings in YEARS...)
5. Pencil erasers as a back for an earring.
6. Hydrogen Peroxide to unclog drains.
7. Finding just the right ingredients in the pantry for a quick dinner.
8. Remembering it's Tuesday BEFORE Tuesday is over.
9. Babies. Some of the best babies in the world came from spare of the moment moments...:)
10.Quick acting inhalers, for all my friends that need them, because I really like those friends, and I like them ALIVE.

Join in, be thankful!