Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Warms My Heart, and Toes

Down is a wonderful thing. Holds heat, keeps you toasty in a cold room. Only one problem, when you crawl into bed already chilled it takes a long time to warm up and do it's thing.

Enter my fabulous, wonderful, loving husband.

The last few days I have been chilled, which is very weird for me, I usually am not a cold person. The last two nights upon coming to bed I have discovered my husband on my side of the bed...pre-warming it for me. I crawl into warmth and comfort and he moves over into the cold region.

He is amazing and kind and I love him.

Pre-warm your spouses side of the bed, or perhaps warm up their towels in the dryer as they shower, or make their lunch for them (I make his lunch and he really appreciates it). Little gestures go a long long way.
Works for me.

For wonderful tips head over to Rocks In My Dryer's WFMW!


Misty said...

VERY well said, indeed.

Kerri said...

What a sweet idea! I think I will warm up hubby's towel in the dryer tonight as a surprise.

On very hot days, I leave a bowl of ice water in the bathroom for when he comes home from work. He does not have an air conditioner in his truck. This way, he can wash his face, etc. and cool off.

Missy Shell said...

AC warms my side of the bed for me sometimes; such a little thing, but so huge!!! Good job, AG.

Brooke said...

how sweet!!

i like that hubs side of the bed is cold (i usually go to bed before him) that means i get more snuggle time!

Ginny said...

Oh my goodness did we get good Hubby's or what? Mine does that for me too!!!

Amy's said...

Awww! What a great idea! I can't go to bed at the same time as the Big Guy but when I get into bed, he has warmed up my side because he tends to spread out! ha! But, I will say he does lots of other great things for me (warming my car is a big one right now!) and I for him (lunches, notes in the lunch box, etc). But well said!

Thany said...

This is a big sacrifice since I KNOW your sweetie does NOT like to be cold. Little things DO go a long way. DZ brought me dinner tonight when I had told him just to pick something up for himself on his way to his destination.

Now maybe I will actually MAKE dinner for him tomorrow as my little "something." ;)