Monday, January 26, 2009

Tomorrow's Ten On Tuesday List

Tomorrow is Ten on Tuesday.
I personally choose to always make my lists about being thankful. A grateful heart is healthy, and leads to a happier life in general.

So tomorrow,
Ten things that you are thankful for because they make you happy...wait, that's too easy
Ten SILLY (or odd) things that make you happy.

Perhaps it's when all you DVD's are alphabatized, or maybe when they are shelved according to color(smart if you are selling a house). Perhaps it's when a clown drives by on the freeway, I mean someone dressed as a clown, not acting like one.
I think you get the idea. These will be things that makes us, well, us!
Good luck, see you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Caryl I found your blog, I like these... I didn't know you could use pencil erasers for earring backs, that's very helpful! :)