Monday, January 26, 2009

Silly Ten On Tuesday

(Silly)Things that make me happy, and I am truly thankful for, because being happy is a good thing...

1. Bendy straws.
2. Coasters at resturants. I don't like wet tables.
3. Little plastic swords or monkeys on a drink.
4. Superbowl commercials...sometimes.
5. Rice Krispie Treats, oh my, they make me so happy.
6. Booths, cozy, comfy, with a sense of protection and privacy.
7. Nachos
8. People driving in Halloween costumes, as long as they are not too creepy.
9. Weird Al
10. Pipe cleaners (You saw this one coming, right?)

Join me! What silly little things make you happy?


SchuMom said...

I like bendy straws too. A little bit of childhood we shouldn't be expected to let go of!

Heather said...

I loved this theme for Ten on Tuesday! It's just what I needed today! And I'm with you on the booths and bendy straws :)

jennifer said...

Yes indeed I am a Weird Al fan. I don't know that there are that many of us out there Crayl!

Great answers all. The Halloween costume one was funny - I never would have thought of that but you are right!

Missy Shell said...

Nachos make so very happy.

marky said...

Having the day off
Hearing my kids laugh
wearing pajamas all day
the smell of sun tan lotion
the beach