Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A 4th grader in our midst.

Someone was promoted last week. He didn't skip, he completed 3rd grade already. We switched how we homeschool, and we actually are under a public ISP now. Because of where he is in curriculum, and how he tested, he is now officially a 4th grader.

I do not believe homeschooling is for everyone. Nor do I think all public schools are terrible. This is the path we chose, and it has proven to be highly successful for our son. He can learn at a pace that is right for him. Developing a love of learning is far more important that memorizing specific facts so you test well. We believe we have accomplished this.

Now we are left with some other issues. Should he move up in the basketball league next year, or play with his age group? In AWANA he will be allowed to finish the 4 Truth and Training books in 3 years. When the time comes he will be in youth group age wise a year younger than everyone else.
Ultimately we will do what we feel is right for him and him alone, but thoughts on these issues would be helpful. Feel free to put your 2 cents in.


Missy Shell said...

I've already given you five cents worth! However, if we come up against any roadblocks or anything as a result of our decisions in the same arena, I'll let you know! Love you all.

Lori said...

I don't believe it. I believe he is still two and frolicking down the aisle at our wedding. That's all.

Ginny said...

I say that you deal with each issue as it comes up. Remember, that while he may be in 4th grade academically, he may be in 3rd grade socially. You will have to look at each thing that comes up to make the decision. More so when he is middle school age than now. Ask Lori about the barbies.

jennifer said...

Congratulations on the advancement!

We homeschooled one year and you are right - it isn't for everyone. But I really wish that it had worked out.

Best of luck with your decisions (I'm flat broke so no advice :D )

Thany said...

He looks so grown up.

Homeschoolin' hot-rodders said...

Aww how cute! You have to do what YOU think is best. As he gets older you may see that he "fits in" better with the older kids....or he may prefer to stay with his friends in his own age group. Its on of those "wait and see" things. We have a 9yo who is almost finished with 3rd grade. Due to her social immaturity we have chose to put her with younger kids (by a year) when she plays sports :). It has worked well for her :)