Saturday, January 17, 2009


We are 0-2.
This makes me sad, this makes me worried.
Will these boys ever start really listening to the coach? Will they start getting this whole basketball thing at all? Will they remember basic rules and plays?
Will that one kid pick up his feet while he runs...ever?

I am careful about what I say, who I say it to, and especially what I yell, I want them to listen to their coach, but that's a big part of their problem, they aren't listening at all. This is 3rd grade boys we are talking about, not pro-ball. We cheer for amazing plays, even on the other team, these are 8 year olds, they deserve a good cheer.

I over heard the ref saying that during the first game of the day a dad, followed by his wife came onto the court to have a "chat" with him regarding calling a segment early ( each 20 minute half is broken into 4 segments when you switch players, fair for all). Apparently they weren't happy with him calling the segment a few seconds early and not letting their kid play those last seconds (again, 3rd graders). I guess maybe they thought their kid was going to pull off some miracle. They are lucky they didn't get kicked out of the game completely (saw that during one of my girls softball games).

I do have good news in this: Spencer improved. His performance today was much improved from last week. He guarded his man better (Alyssa made him chase her all over the yard to practice), He shot better, he paid attention better, and he actually went in to try and get the ball during rebounds, Way to Improve SPENCER!


Ginny said...

Parents only get worse, I'm sorry to say. A mom on my son's 7th grade basketball team actually spit in the face of the ref. Talk about embarrassing! We had even won the game, but she didn't like something. The coach actually made her apologize to the entire team for embarrassing them, herself and Ramona. Good times.....

Way to improve your game Spencer.

Missy Shell said...

Yeah, really all you can do is help Spencer improve. Yay Spencer!

The parents will get worse, some of the kids will get worse, some years the coaching will be atrocious. But you know all of this...just part of the package.