Thursday, October 30, 2008

Silent Gratitude.

Quote of the blog:

Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone.
~G.B. Sterns

Don't keep it to yourself! Go tell someone how much you appreciate them, that you are thankful for them, and all they are, and all they do!

I'll Start, I thank GOD for all the blessings in my life, for the beauty of nature, for LOVE.

To Aaron, I thank you for working your butt off to support us, doing things that aren't your "calling" THANK YOU!

My kids for bringing JOY into my life, and laughter.

To Thany for always having a ready ear, and big heart, and information at a moments notice, you rock, thank you.

To Missy Shell, for being strong and true, steady, even in times of pure crap! You're amazing!Thank you.

To Marky, even though we haven't met, our things in common are fun, and getting to know you through blogs and comments make me smile. Thank you.

To Misty, again, even though we haven't met, I am amazed by your story of life, you are so strong, and brave, and I love that you stood up and took on being PINK all month. It really did help me to be aware, thank you.

This is only a partial list. Don't be offended if you aren't on it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Giveaways Work For Me

You know what works for me? Giveaways, seriously. I am totally digging the Bloggy Giveaway Fall Carnival right now. The last time I checked there were over 1,281 entries...1,281 PRIZES! Well over that actually since some posts are giving away more than one prize!

Why this works for me....I get a chance to win something, sure, because that is totally fun...but I also get to see a whole bunch of blogs I never might have found otherwise. It's like meeting new friends. I won't add all these people to my reader, I'd never sleep, I'd never feed my family or go to work. But last time I found a couple of ladies that are now some of my favorites. If you read Shannon, I am sure you now about it, but just in case head on over an take a gander.

And I am giving something away too, if you want to enter just hit the previous post on my list.
If you want more great ideas head over to Works For Me Wens. at Shannon's Dryer.

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button


Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button



Here's what I am giving away. Handmade by me. A crazy pink scarf in a cute little floral 'suitcase'. I can't believe how girly this give away is, so not my norm, let me assure you. Ready to give as a gift. Made in a smoke free, animal free environment. The pink is a little brighter than the photos, think dark Barbie pink, plus other lighter pinks and a little yellow for fun. SIX FEET LONG, (crazy long) and 4 1/2 inches wide, rounded ends. Washable, but I'd lay flat to dry to keep it looking good.

1. Leave me a comment, TELL ME THE COLDEST WEATHER YOU HAVE BEEN IN. Entries without this info can't win, sorry.
2. INCLUDE a way to contact you, blog, email, whatever.Entries without some way of contact can't win.
3. Must be in the USA, sorry, I can't afford international shipping right now, :(
4. I will close comments Oct. 31 at say 11pm PST. Drawing will be Nov. 1st and I will contact the winner within a few days (busy weekend coming up).

I will not force you to subscribe or anything, this is for fun. I do host a Ten On Tuesday every week, on THANKFULNESS, currently going through the alphabet, it's fun, it's challenging, come back and try your hand at X next week! (I triple dog dare ya!)

Thanks for stopping by!
Crayl :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, W

Ten things I am so wonderfully thankful for. W's.

No particular order.

1. Wasabi, such a delight with sushi, yeah, I said it, I like sushi.
2. Water, to drink, to look at, to swim in, to listen too babbling along.
3. Weekends
4. Work and wages.
5. Washing machines. Life would be a lot harder without one.
6. Wrecks, as in the cake variety. See for yourself!
7. Waffles! (add a little chicken too from Roscoe's and you have perfection!)
8. Wheat, that leads to bread and bagels and yummy things (Sorry Marky)
9. Weddings, my own, my friends', eventually my kids...eventually
10. Wholeness

Join me!
I know life is busy, I know it gets crazy sometimes, but a moment of your time to think about what you are thankful for might help!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Glimpse

Today my house was filled with 15 people.
Five of them played guitar(but not all at the same time),
two played bass,
two played drums.
And one guy played a Didjeridu. One of these:

One of them also sang and played keyboard and I think he is really cute. Not to say that some of the other guys weren't awesome too, but you know, I am not married to them.

Today was bittersweet for so many reasons.
It was good to have people liven up our home, making music, learning, laughing, sharing, having fun. We originally set this jam session in place to say goodbye to our dear friend Mel, the drummer. He graduates from the CHP academy this Friday and then drives off to his first assignment, Los Angeles. We have enjoyed his company and drumming immensely for 6 months. We feel blessed to have been in such close proximity for such a sweet time. So today was awesome, and LOUD, and fun. We will say good bye, not forever certainly, but for a time.

This was also a glimpse to how it used to be, and how we wish it still could be. We once had a big ol' house that we wanted to use for musicians, to have training sessions, and a studio with a bed and breakfast. To fill our lives with the talent God has given out in the music field. But we don't live there anymore. We live in a small, modest, cute home. We fit everyone in somehow,and it was amazing(and did I mention loud? I had ear plugs in thakyouverymuch).
We will do it again.
Oh yes, we will.

Friday, October 24, 2008

It's An Illness

All this week I have been going to bed early, I am exhausted for some reason. As I started drifting off, trying to shut down the lists of things to do and turning over things that had happened that day I started thinking of a specific story I could indeed write about on this blog. As my brain kinda developed the way in which I would write it I realized that I was typing it. My hands were NOT in the air typing physically, but mentally, there was a keyboard and my hands and I was indeed typing every word I was thinking.

It's a sickness people.
I need help.

Or maybe a support group that will just give me a hug and tell me it's okay.

Oh wait, I have my blog friends for that!! :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My family has moved a lot. By a lot I mean my 8 year old has lived in 9 homes. My 18 year olds have lived in I think 17, maybe. We lived in one twice, so we moved 18 times? Some of these moves we just boxed up stuff and moved, and maybe never completely unpacked. The last major move with the girls I was emptying those kinds of boxes. We had to cut our belongings by two thirds. J, pictured below, took the opportunity to try on a variety of things that she found. An old skirt from Mexico, an Awana Sparky vest, among other things. What one must know about daughter J is that she is very much a fashion following girl. She loves Project runway and trendy clothing lines. She has fun with it.....but I think she missed the mark with this one. She'd be "out".

(Sorry J, I needed to blog and the scanner isn't working)

For more not photo album worthy photos please visit Kristen at We Are That Family!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kiss Your Mother's Goodbye

Mother's cookies went bankrupt. The bags on the store shelf are the last you will see.
Kiss your Mother's goodbye.
I didn't tell you all for a few days so I could go find the ones I like, sorry, that was selfish of me. I couldn't find English Teas, that taste slightly like lemon, I love those. Good luck on your search for your favorites.

Farewell Mother's, we loved you til the end.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, all about V

I Am Thankful for:
(No particular order.)

1. Violas, I used to play one. I like them, okay, I like the Violin too.
3. Vacuums
4. Venice. Never been there, looks like a good place to visit.
5. Victory, over anything, through Jesus.
6. Versace, least the SNL sketches representing her.
7. Vespa scooters! LOVE them. If they sat more kids we'd have them.
8. Variety
9. Validation
10. Vanilla!!

Come join me in being thankful...just 10 things! You can do it!


Although I have been absent for a week, I am still going to post Ten On Tuesday, Thankfulness for things starting with the letter V.

I hope you come back , read it, create your own and link it up.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dear Blog,

Dear Blog,
Sorry I haven't written in a while, things have gotten a little crazy around here and I just don't have the time to sit and write. Daughter J is moving up here to live with us once more. That makes all 5 of us in our tiny little home. Been trying to get a handle on spacing, and borrowing a truck and tow dolly, and everything else this little adventure is going to require. All my creativity is aimed at the project, and it seems nothing is left for you. I am so sorry, and kinda sad.

It's not you, it's me.

I know I will return soon. The trip itself is only 2 days.

Your friend,

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, U!

This week's Ten On Tuesday is brought to you by the letter U.

Don't know what they all are? Answers are under the link up.

JOIN IN! Thankfulness lifts your spirits, helps you focus on the GOOD in life. Step away from the negative and dread, step up, be thankful and link up!


Answers:Udon noodles,Umbrella, Umpteenth, Ultrasound, Unsung Heroes, Urchins (sea), Undergarments, Upsidedown cake, Uggs(So love my knockoffs), and Underarm protection!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Tonight is crazy hair night at AWANA. Spencer's hair is usually lovely ringlets of bouncy fun. I love his curly hair. But in the past crazy hair night was always just another night. What can you do with his locks?


Enter a ceramic hair straightener.


I think the last one looks very "80's" graphics.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Mindi Bartel over at "The Simple Life" was challenged by a friend, and in turn challenged any of her readers to take, AND POST, a "right now" photo.
Since I had just taken this photo of myself and then sat down and read her post I think it counts.

I am modeling a scarf and hat that I just finished making so I can sell it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

And Some Nilly On The Side Please...

When my husband received the good news regarding his new job we decided to go out to lunch using a giftcard to celebrate. The card was for a local Italian restaurant. As we readied ourselves I made a warning.
"Now, remember, it's a giftcard, so we have a spending limit. So don't just go ordering willy nilly".

My husband, being the funny man that he is said," I don't think they even have that on the menu".

Without skipping a beat Spencer added, "Besides, isn't it Mexican?"

They really don't fall far from the tree sometimes.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Too Much Time On Her Hands

Anyone else remember that song?

If you didn't read yesterday's post, please do. It really explains why I was in the mind set to do this:

Trying to diet? Stop smoking? Procrastinating some big project? May I suggest Pipe Cleaners? (AKA Chenille Sticks). CHEAP! EASY! (LEGAL)WHOLESOME FUN!!

Also good for long car rides and bored children. Don't forget the school project and costume possibilities too!

For other serious photos of serious people (WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!) check out Kristen's Fro Me To You! Carnival, and explosion of non-photo album worthy fun!

Fast Prayer

My husband, sweet hard working man that he is, had a job interview yesterday. This position would be a full time regular paying kind of job versus part time ever changing type things we have been surviving off of for a year. It would be a really good thing. The interview was at 1pm. I work on Tuesdays at 2 different places, the first being our church during staff meeting. I answer phones and do some other office stuff to help out. The Pastor's wife, also our worship leader tells me, "I am fasting and praying for that interview".

It was in that moment that I beat myself up a little for not doing that myself. I prayed sure, I prayed with my husband, I prayed over and for my husband, but I wasn't fasting. Fasting is a Biblical way to show deep commitment to what ever it is you seek answers for. It doesn't need to be heard me. It can be anything that draws your attention away from God. Television, books, friends, computers, smoking, drugs or alcohol, sex, specific foods like sugar or Carbs, working on a car or hobby. Seriously, think of your life, it's a small sacrifice really. I have a friend fasting from Ice Cream until he finds who God intended for him and he marries her. NO ICE CREAM (or sex) until marriage...that's commitment.**

I had already eaten so I asked, "What should it be?", and before I was done at my 2nd job of the day I knew what I had to do.

No Internet.

I made it clear, I would stay off the computer until we heard about the job. Every time my thoughts went to the computer and wanting to check my Bloglines, or write a new blog, o look at Facebook, or Email, or weather, or look something up (I am a bit of a research junkie) I would pray instead, or read the Bible.

Obviously, since you are reading this post, we heard, and yes, he got the job. PRAISE GOD!

SO that's what works for me.
For more fabulous tips on life, including the smart one about loose teeth and baby Oragel (Brilliant!) GO HERE!

I should also mention that I got to watch a movie with my family, and I crocheted a scarf and most of a hat and cleaned my house along with the praying. It's amazing!! Come back tomorrow for one other thing I did, there will be a photo, it involves pipe cleaners, (I am going to get e reputation, I know it)

**He's a really nice guy too, 37, graduating from the CHP soon, and a really good drummer(professional), and obviously serious about his relationship with God, contact me with any questions.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, T

Ten things I am thankful for, the T edition.

No particular order.

1. Tea, I love tea.
2. Trinity, we need all three, Father, creator, Son, sacrificial lamb, savior, and Holy Spirit, our helper here on earth.
3. Trees, I love trees, I am so thankful for them.
4. Toilet Paper!
5. Trampolines
6. Tapas, delicious.
7. Thankfulness!!And Ten On Tuesdays!
8. Target, sigh, shows my consumerism side, but gosh I love that store.
9. T, my son's middle name.
10. Treadmills. I like watching TV while walking...but also, this video makes me happy every time I see it:

Join me in thankfulness! You can join with the letter T this week, or any list of 10 will do! Try it, you'll like it!

Next week is the letter U!!


Gee, Thanks.

Spencer is currently learning the fine art of letter writing in English. As practice he has to make up various letters and other correspondence. Here is a sample of one he wrote last week:

I am writing for my mom to receive a trophy for being my mom.

Yours truly,
Spencer ________

Ahhhh, thanks sweetie! Simple and to the point. Nice.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Where are my Wits?

"Yo ho, Yo ho a pirates life for me....I really liked that ride."

"I'm glad Spence"

"And I really needed it to calm me down after the Indiana Jones ride", says the kid dressing up like Indy in 25 days.

"Do you think you handle that ride now?" Come on kid, it was 10 months ago and now you've seen 2 of the movies.

"NO WAY! That ride scared my wits out"

"So you were witless"

"No , it scared my wits out, and my wits are pretty scary".

um...ok. :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Just Like The Movies

Or a bad TV show.

We were sitting in the car waiting for Daughter A to buy some stamps. I was watching a postal worker load his truck full of letters and packages. He would swoop each one up and toss it into the truck. I noticed a box in one pile with large black lettering, "GLASS". I thought to myself, surely he will notice and gentle place that one instead.
Imagine my surprise when he in fact grabbed it off the pile and tossed it into the back of the truck just like all the others. It made me laugh, but I hope whatever it was didn't sustain any damage.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Marky , over at Wheat Free Clan, awarded me this!

According to {I}Post, the translation of the award is "This blog invests and believes, in the proximity"[meaning, that blogging makes us 'close' -being close through proxy].

Isn't it so true? Don't you tell people stories from your blog friends, and then have to explain.."Well, yeah, I don't know them in real life, I mean I've never met them, but they are my friends!". I love it, it's weird and wonderful. How else would I meet so many amazing people?

So I hereby give this award to the following people, and they in turn have to award it to others.. actually you are supposed to give it to 8 people. I have personally chosen to NOT give it to people I know in real life, even though blogging keeps us close. This goes out to people I have met through can choose who you give it too.(I like to shake things up a bit, bend rules maybe?)

I'd give it first to Marky, but she gave it to me!

Diapers and Stilettos, Angela

Rainy Day in May, Misty

We Are That Family, Kristen...I think she already received this award.

Dust Bunny Hostage, Jennifer, I KNOW she received it already, from Marky too...but I feel the same way about her.

Seasons Of My Life, Troy
, I've met her now, but we originally only knew each other on line.

There are others, but upon careful thought I believe I have lurked too much on their sites, I need to come out and speak up more. I'll try harder, but I do have a family to care for, and work, and silly things like grocery shopping and going to the bathroom as well. :)

As an added bonus I will answer the 7 interesting things about me MEME!
1. I no longer consume artificial sweeteners (it happens occasionally).
2. I fluctuate by 1 question (or 1%) between Introvert and Extrovert.
3. Water is my favorite drink.
4. Followed by herbal iced tea.
5. I used to weigh alot more.
6. I used to weigh alot less too.
7. I'm married to an amazing musician.singer.songwriter.impersonator. and all around nice guy.

Your turn!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


This photo was taken 8 1/2 years ago. It was announcing that Spencer was going to be a boy. I usually show you non photo album worthy photos, but this week, in honor of his 8th birthday, I chose this one to share.

For more photo fun visit Kristen at We Are That Family.
If you have one to share, link up!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

For more wordless Wednesday head over to 5 Minute For Mom