Tuesday, December 16, 2008

D List

Ten On Tuesday
Da D's.

Countdown to Christmas of things I am thankful for .....

10. Drinks...seasonal, like egg nog and hot apple cider.
9. Dapper dressing. It is nice to see people step it up a bit.
8. Dangling ornaments
7. Dollop of whip cream...on top of a variety of treats
6. Dancing, The Nutcracker, and special dances during concerts or services.
5. Delicate snowflakes, in my house they are crocheted and hanging on the tree, up the road 7 miles they fall from the sky.
4. Daughters, and how excited they are this year to GIVE presents.
3. Delicious Doozens, that is not a typo, Doozens is a family word for hors d'oeuvres. This includes, but is never limited to
2. Deviled eggs.
1. Deliverance. Without the holy birth of Jesus, we wouldn't have deliverance.

Hopefully Mr. Linky is working, and hopefully Blogger fixed their problems too...if not leave a comment that you have a list. I will visit them all, I promise.

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Missy Shell said...

Yay! I think the link worked! :-) (In case it didn't, I posted a list.)

Now I want a deviled egg.