Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why Thank You!

I sang with my sweetie at a gig this week. Afterwards I met a friend of the drummer, a lovely young woman with a cute as a bug 2 year old daughter. As our conversation drifted from subject to subject I mentioned my twins...then I mentioned that they were 18...and her eye's widened, and her mouth fell open and she said,
"What a minute, what?"

"Yeah, I'm 40"

"WHAT?!" I thought you were just a couple years older than me"
"How old are you?"

Woohoo, woohoo...I did a little dance and claimed her my new best friend. (I did not replace anyone mind you, just added her into the group)

It was a good ending to a busy day.


Sooz said...

Lookin' good my friend! Why not just BE 26? ;-)

Missy Shell said...

Um, yeah. She can hang out with us anytime! :-) (You do look great though!)

MomOfDudes said...

26 forever is a good place to be!!!

marky said...

don't ya love it??? you young whipper snapper!!
I had someone the other day tell me that they thought I was 30 LOL

Amy said...

Got a bottle of vino for Thanksgiving.. got carded :) hehehehe

She sounds like god people, and you do look great!