Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, Y

Ten things starting with the letter Y that I am so very thankful for.

No particular order.

1. Yes. Yes is usually so much better than no, and I am learning to say yes more, yes Spencer, go ahead and fill up your rain boots with the hose, ...while they are on..And yes LouAnn, I will direct the choir during those 3 songs during the giant Christmas concerts, !!!!
2. Yankovic, Al, Weird Al.
3. Yams, you know there is a big confusion between Yams and Sweet potatoes, I like the orange ones.
4. Yahweh, another name for my Lord.
5. Yoda!!!! Especially when he is battling it out! Amazing kick butt Jedi he is, yes.
6. Yogurt, frozen or not, I love it. (Sorry Missy Shell)
7. Yarn, for making scarves and hats, like this:

8. Yosemite
9. Yummy! Such a great word.
10. Yellow, okay I tried to avoid it, because it was so obvious, but it's the color we use to describe sunshine, happiness and brightness. It's a good thing.


marky said...

Yummy..how did I miss that one!!

Heather said...

Ooh, I love the hat and scarf! You're very talented. I have yarn on my list too, although I don't think I'm up to par with you :)

Great list!!

Thany said...

Yippie for Y!
This list made me feel cozy.

Misty said...

Mmmm. i love yams. Yes i do.

(and yes I did get my scarf! I LOVE it... I wore it all weekend and finally my husband said "will you take that thing off? It's 70 degrees in here!" But i love it!!!! Thank you so much! and your sweet note too!)

Mrs. Carol said...

I'm back...I do love doing these and especially reading them. I never read until after I post. Your hat and scarf look so cozy.

MomOfDudes said...

You picked all the best Y's

We are THAT Family said...

Great job! I'm thankful for most of those things too.

Amy said...

I LOVE THIS!! I love your hats! They are so fabulous. I twittered off back around V I think :( I'll have to start up my thankfulness again. I find myself in a time where I GREATLY need to focus on the good. Love you friend!