Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, X

Oh yes, it's the X week.
For anyone new this is the original post that explains why I am trying to live a thankful life, and help others do the same.

Please join me by blogging a list of ten things you are thankful for and linking up below. You don't have to start with X, you can make it random, start with A, whatever, just start thinking about all you are thankful for and make a list.

In no particular order:

1. Xanadu, long ago when I used to babysit some neighbors kids, this movie was the saving grace of the evening. I'd feed them dinner, they would do the required reading or homework or whatever, and then we would watch this movie until bedtime. Then I would get paid a premium amount because those parents were awesome. It was the perfect babysitting gig. I wonder if the boy married someone that looks like Olivia Newton-John.

2. Xylophones*, the BIG wooden ones that sound fabulous, and my fabulous friend that plays one, Corbetta. (She isn't playing one on that album that I know of)..*NOTE Not to be confused with the little metal toy ones, I am not thankful for those at all.

3. X-rays, not only for the medical advancement they allowed (when they were cutting edge) but it is all intertwined with photography too.

4. X-mas, and before you get all bent out of shape, X represents the Greek letter chi, which is the first letter in word for Christ and often used alone for Christ.

5. Xerox. Where would we be with out a copy machine???

6. Xenoepist (noun) : someone who speaks with a foreign accent. Oooh lala!

7. X-men

8. X, as in, Sugar and Spice and everything nice, and CHEMICAL X, POWER PUFF GIRLS!

9. Xebec, Small 3 masted pirate ships.

10. X-Lax, So many jokes.....and classic snarky remark: Smooth move X-lax, Wahahahahaa!

OKAY MAKE A LIST, IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE X's...seriously, make a list of any ten things you are thankful for. Link it here for all to see. Thanks, I appreciate it!!


Missy Shell said...

Okay, I'm SO stuck on this letter. Sigh. I'll try to figure out ten of them in time to post today!!!

Ginny said...

That is so awesome that you came up with 10 anythings starting with the letter X, let alone things you were thankful for. Good job!

MomOfDudes said...

10 x things that are actually things... I am in awe of you

marky said...

I couldn't play X..but I played along anyway!

*emmy said...

I am so impressed with your X's! Now that one was a hard one and you did it! Ooo, ooo I got one, I got one.......X box! Damon loves his X-box and games, especially the car racing game.