Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, Back to A

Ten things I am thankful for, starting with the letter A...Again.

1. Aaron. For the rest of the list I will try not to re-use A words from the original list. But I had to mention Aaron again, he is my rock, my husband, my love, and I appreciate him greatly.
2. A, my daughter.:)
3. Appreciation.
4. Applebutter, yum!
5. Antartica, but specifically the way the penguins in Madagasgar say it.
6. Astonoshing, Amazing, Astounding!
7. Acrobats
8. Ankles,I appreciate mine, and all they do.
9. Apostrophies
10. Apologetics. The people that really study it are amazing.

We have circled back around since I didn't start making a link available right away.
Join in, be thankful.
I am going to have a thankful idea tomorrow too...


Missy Shell said...

Great list!

Looking forward to tomorrow's idea... :-)

Misty said...

Nice list! i just made some amazing apple butter last month. Wish I could share...

JoJo said...

AMEN on the apologetics! Totally with you on the apple butter and the way the penguins say Antarctica too...remember, you didn't see anything...

Heather said...

Great list, as always! Sorry I didn't get to a list this week, but I did write a Ten on Wednesday with 10 reasons why I couldn't write a Ten on Tuesday post :)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I look forward to next Tuesday!