Friday, November 28, 2008


I've taken a few spiritual gifts assessments in my life. I used to consistently score highest on Administration followed by wisdom and knowledge.

Not anymore.

I still score well on those but I have passed them up in other areas.
Serving and Faith are tied at the top, followed by another tie (one point below) by Discernment and Encouragement.

Wow. Things I never thought I'd score well on. My life, with all it's yucky times and hard moments,(nothing in comparison to some of you) has sculpted me into someone new. How exciting! People speak of finding themselves,while stars and others...reinvent themselves all the time, probably with the help of stylists and publicists. Not me. It happened naturally and in God's timing.

Have you ever tested for gifts? What are your top few?

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Missy Shell said...

Fascinating. Send the link to the test you took!