Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Can't Believe She Is Wearing THAT!

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

Mark Twain

So true, other than the commotion a naked person would immediately receive, they really do have little influence on society. I am often appalled by the upheaval and snarkiness over what celebrities wear, who cares??! ...Well, apparently lots of people do or they wouldn't report on it, and start new trends from it. I am just saying...there is a balance, somewhere between "Do not worry about what you will wear" and "Clothes make a man".

I was in Ross the other day,because my daughter that just moved here is constantly cold. Moving from San Diego up here will do that to a person. So off we went to try and find warm clothing. As I walked towards the checkout lines I noticed a young woman in flannel plaid pajama pants. I have never fully understood the trend, but let the girls wear PJ bottoms to school long ago...I mean, they are pants after all, not a slip, or negligee. This woman however, was not in high school, perhaps college, but seemed even a bit old for that. The PJ bottoms in question were enormous on her. She had a little figure under there somewhere but they made her look huge, shapeless, and frankly, like she had a load in her pants (not to be gross). It was so unflattering that I truly wanted to snap a photo on my phone and SHOW her! I didn't, I restrained myself.

I have been taking notice to women's rears lately...not like the sense of what is flattering and what isn't. Have you looked at your rear in the mirror lately? I have noted that many pants are simply not flattering on women. You read that right. Skirts are completely more flattering, and all you need to do is look around a bit , you'll see. Skirts, if worn correctly and aren't super tight,skim the figure, flattering the curve without showing any bulges or bumps,ripples, or jiggle. I am not going to switch altogether, especially with winter approaching, but I am going to carefully consider what I wear and how it looks from behind.


Sooz said...

Actually for the sake of my own personal peace, I prefer not to look. :-)

Thany said...

I'm with Sooz. :)

But I will say I know Lucy's bootie looks cuter in a skirt. And striped tights. With cute pink shoes. And pigtails.

Maybe I should try that look??

Dena said...

oh man, you just had to go and blog about it didn't you. do you know that I had a dear DEAR friend come over to my house one time and as she laid on my bed, I tried on EVERY pair of pants in my closet and she had to judge whether it made my butt look good or was the worst day...because she went home with most of my pants and I was left realizing that I had a weird shaped A$$! Whatever! Now I have the boys take my picture with my camera phone so I can see, but seriously, a girl HAS to wear pants sometimes! UGH!