Friday, November 7, 2008

He Heard You.

Wednesdays we have evening activities. i threw a chicken in the crock-pot for later, no big deal. Unfortunately our odd fridge (won't keep stuff frozen in summer, now freezing everything inside) delayed the cooking of that chicken, and it wasn't cooked in time. We headed off towards our destination with a quick stop at a brand new Little Ceaser's Pizza for a $5 deal. Daughter A got out of the car to go pick it up. Daughter J was driving, turns off her head lights just as a big moth flew through the beams of light and kept going past the next car.

"Did you see that big ugly moth!"

Just then, that moth did a 180 turn, flew straight at us and landed on the windshield right in front of J, and sat there.

This of course brought on hysterical laughter from both my son and myself.
My advise, don't say bad things about people, or bugs apparently, because they might hear you.