Saturday, November 8, 2008

Excuse Me, Did You Call Ghostbusters?

Lat night during a trip to Target my daughter and I encountered some interesting characters. A purple clad pimp, a dark Lord over something and a girl with a coat over a Saloon girl or something outfit. At first I thought, okay...they are just silly and having fun. I took note that these were not young college age people, I'd guess 20 somethings, and we kept shopping. We were in the Dollar Spot area when I heard one say, try number 11, and then we heard "GOT IT!" and they thanked people as they left and life went back to normal. ....

A renaissance wench, a doctor, a Ghost Buster, an witch/step mother from a fairy tale, a naughty catholic school girl, Fred Flintstone, and later Wilma came into the store too. They were in groups of 3, looking for something, with a list in their hands...aaah, a scavenger hunt of some sort. They needed a magnet hidden in the store.

Oh, and a very rude clown that completely ignored me when I asked if they were on a treasure hunt. Yeah, classy.

I find it funny that it was a costume party over a week after Halloween, but fun. I was highly amused to see who might come in next. I wonder how many places they had to go, how many people had similar sightings last night.

Sometimes you just have to dress up and go have fun.


Missy Shell said...

That totally sounds like fun!

Thany said...

My favorite thing we did when Iw as on Jr High Staff was the Sacvenger Hunts...I looove stuff like that!!