Monday, November 24, 2008


Actually, there wasn't a loud crash, any warning, and no wisp of smoke. Just the blue screen of death.

I was happily looking at a few things on line and then got up to make my husband's lunch for the next day. A few minutes later I turned around (I can see my computer screen from the kitchen, heck, I can see almost my whole home from the kitchen) and there is was, all blue and scary saying something about memory and how the computer didn't feel appreciated so it left to find a job in Vegas dealing blackjack and finding the true meaning of love....

And apparently, it meant it, it hasn't come back yet, that was Wens night.
It took alot of things with it too.

My world hasn't crashed, but it is frustrating and a little sad.

Did lose some writing that wasn't saved yet, and my resume, and a few other things. Oh goes on. I hope I get a postcard from Vegas soon.


Dena said...

we mourn the loss with you, hang in there, things will get better soon.

Sooz said...

How rude! It left and didn't say good-bye?

jennifer said...

ugh. Been there and I am SO sorry. I never learned how to make it love me again so I just had its memory erased and started over. Cause I a vicious that way!

Thany said...

My laptop preferred the sunny beaches of Hawaii when it crashed int eh middle of dinner theatre rehearsal, taking all of my production with it.

And since I was the director, and was sitting in front of my entire production team and actors, in the middle of the church, I had to keep my response holy. And by holy, I DON'T mean "Holy $h**!!"

I am so sad for you.