Sunday, October 5, 2008

Where are my Wits?

"Yo ho, Yo ho a pirates life for me....I really liked that ride."

"I'm glad Spence"

"And I really needed it to calm me down after the Indiana Jones ride", says the kid dressing up like Indy in 25 days.

"Do you think you handle that ride now?" Come on kid, it was 10 months ago and now you've seen 2 of the movies.

"NO WAY! That ride scared my wits out"

"So you were witless"

"No , it scared my wits out, and my wits are pretty scary".

um...ok. :)


marky said...

Well I totally understand, my wits have been scared out many times from those type of rides!!

Thany said...

I love him.

jennifer said...

Poor scared witless guy.