Monday, October 13, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, U!

This week's Ten On Tuesday is brought to you by the letter U.

Don't know what they all are? Answers are under the link up.

JOIN IN! Thankfulness lifts your spirits, helps you focus on the GOOD in life. Step away from the negative and dread, step up, be thankful and link up!


Answers:Udon noodles,Umbrella, Umpteenth, Ultrasound, Unsung Heroes, Urchins (sea), Undergarments, Upsidedown cake, Uggs(So love my knockoffs), and Underarm protection!


marky said...

LOL the pictures are funny!
I couldnt' figure out the first one..
Great choice of U's

Amy said...

your blog always makes me smile. Love you!

Misty said...

adorable u list!

*emmy said...

Wow, you did it! U's are a hard one you totally put a good list together! My top favorite U would have to be ultrasound....of course ;^).

Which by the way my ultrasound on Tuesday measured my 35 week old baby in utero to be weighing a whopping 8.12 lbs RIGHT NOW!! Aaaaaaaaaah. My doc and I need to talk.

Mrs. Carol said...

I finally left mine so I could read the others. Anyway,your pineapple upside-down cake picture looked so luscious!