Monday, October 6, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, T

Ten things I am thankful for, the T edition.

No particular order.

1. Tea, I love tea.
2. Trinity, we need all three, Father, creator, Son, sacrificial lamb, savior, and Holy Spirit, our helper here on earth.
3. Trees, I love trees, I am so thankful for them.
4. Toilet Paper!
5. Trampolines
6. Tapas, delicious.
7. Thankfulness!!And Ten On Tuesdays!
8. Target, sigh, shows my consumerism side, but gosh I love that store.
9. T, my son's middle name.
10. Treadmills. I like watching TV while walking...but also, this video makes me happy every time I see it:

Join me in thankfulness! You can join with the letter T this week, or any list of 10 will do! Try it, you'll like it!

Next week is the letter U!!



Meaghan said...

GREAT list! Its nice to think of things we are grateful for!


Thany said...

Thank you for not calling the trampoline a "tramp."

Missy Shell said...

Most excellent list. Tea, target! What more do you need?

Schubox said...

Ah, Target. I miss Target, and our rambles there together! I don't get to shop there's a Wal Mart thing.

marky said...

That video Rocked!!
excellent list!

Mrs. Carol said...

Ten on Thursday....I don't know what happened to Tuesday??? Thankful Thursday is still thankful.