Monday, October 20, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, all about V

I Am Thankful for:
(No particular order.)

1. Violas, I used to play one. I like them, okay, I like the Violin too.
3. Vacuums
4. Venice. Never been there, looks like a good place to visit.
5. Victory, over anything, through Jesus.
6. Versace, least the SNL sketches representing her.
7. Vespa scooters! LOVE them. If they sat more kids we'd have them.
8. Variety
9. Validation
10. Vanilla!!

Come join me in being thankful...just 10 things! You can do it!


민석 said...
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Heather said...

Venice is very beautiful; just go in the off season so it's not so crowded :)

I'm not as happy about the vacuum, as it means that I actually have to use it :)

My best friend played viola for years; it has a beautiful sound!

Thanks again for hosting; it's so much fun!

marky said...

Welcome back!

Amy said...

Fabulous list!

Misty said...

very good list...

*emmy said...

Guess what!? Damon has been talking about taking violin lessons! He is dragging Andy Waggnor with him. Ha, Damon my football watching, car rebuilding, poker playing man is going to take violin lessons! Oh, I love it! I think it is so sexy!