Friday, October 24, 2008

It's An Illness

All this week I have been going to bed early, I am exhausted for some reason. As I started drifting off, trying to shut down the lists of things to do and turning over things that had happened that day I started thinking of a specific story I could indeed write about on this blog. As my brain kinda developed the way in which I would write it I realized that I was typing it. My hands were NOT in the air typing physically, but mentally, there was a keyboard and my hands and I was indeed typing every word I was thinking.

It's a sickness people.
I need help.

Or maybe a support group that will just give me a hug and tell me it's okay.

Oh wait, I have my blog friends for that!! :)


marky said...

You Kookie gal! I do understand the wheels rolling tho' I try to turn off my thoughts when I wake up in the middle of the night and it is hard.
Rest - dear - rest..

Lori said...

I write entire blogs in my head when I am doing things that do not involve a computer. Like showering. Maybe WE should start the support group.

Thany said...

I don't care what's going on as long as you keep writing!! :)

*emmy said...

That has totally happened to me once before! How funny.

I blog in my head all the time when I am driving around and see interesting things. Or I am at the store and witness something funny or see something worth talking about. But most of the times that "AMAZING" blog I just wrote out in my head never makes in down onto a true blog. I kind of go blank in front of my computer.....wierd huh?

Spaceofgrace said...

LOL.... I'm infected too!! Agh... I have a notebook that I carry with me EVERYWHERE so that I can write down ideas as they fly into my mind! I need it like all day long otherwise I find myself repeating things over and over so I won't forget it before I can get to the computer. I confess... I'm a blogger addict! :-) I think it's a mode of insanity to save me from mom-of-4-young-boys-and-a-husband insanity. LOL. Thanks for the laughs!

Just another SAHM said...

Ah-ha, I knew I wasn't the only one blogging in my sleep! ;)