Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Glimpse

Today my house was filled with 15 people.
Five of them played guitar(but not all at the same time),
two played bass,
two played drums.
And one guy played a Didjeridu. One of these:

One of them also sang and played keyboard and I think he is really cute. Not to say that some of the other guys weren't awesome too, but you know, I am not married to them.

Today was bittersweet for so many reasons.
It was good to have people liven up our home, making music, learning, laughing, sharing, having fun. We originally set this jam session in place to say goodbye to our dear friend Mel, the drummer. He graduates from the CHP academy this Friday and then drives off to his first assignment, Los Angeles. We have enjoyed his company and drumming immensely for 6 months. We feel blessed to have been in such close proximity for such a sweet time. So today was awesome, and LOUD, and fun. We will say good bye, not forever certainly, but for a time.

This was also a glimpse to how it used to be, and how we wish it still could be. We once had a big ol' house that we wanted to use for musicians, to have training sessions, and a studio with a bed and breakfast. To fill our lives with the talent God has given out in the music field. But we don't live there anymore. We live in a small, modest, cute home. We fit everyone in somehow,and it was amazing(and did I mention loud? I had ear plugs in thakyouverymuch).
We will do it again.
Oh yes, we will.


Lori said...

Don't you wish you could live in a world where all the wonderful friends you've made were altogether in the same town? Same church? I always find myself imagining a place where all the dear friends we've made in Christ are under the same roof. Maybe we're putting on a play. Maybe we're all singing and playing instruments despite many of our lack of training. Maybe we're all just worshipping the Lord.

Maybe. Just maybe, I dream of Heaven.

I miss you.

Misty said...

that is so awesome... (my husband loves the didjerido, btw- which I am aware I botched the spelling of)

Seriously awesome...

Our dreams have to change to make room for life... It's a bittersweet thing but God's plans are not our own.

Thany said...

I am so happy you had this evening of music. I know it is so good for your heart. I only wish i could have been a fly on your wall...because if I'd been there in person, I don't think I would have fit! :)