Monday, October 6, 2008

Gee, Thanks.

Spencer is currently learning the fine art of letter writing in English. As practice he has to make up various letters and other correspondence. Here is a sample of one he wrote last week:

I am writing for my mom to receive a trophy for being my mom.

Yours truly,
Spencer ________

Ahhhh, thanks sweetie! Simple and to the point. Nice.


Missy Shell said...

I don't think I was ever nominated for a trophy, but J&M were that age, their letters were totally simple like that too!

Gotta love Ace and Pudge!

marky said...

Hey that is sweet and to the point! You better save that one, I am guessing it will be your trophey, pure and thoughtful!

Thany said...

I can't say "I love that kid" enough.

And I agree, you do deserve an award of some kind.

Timmy Toast said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Spencer,

We have approved your trophy request. We agree that your mother does indeed need a trophy. She is a Trophy Mom.



jennifer said...

Wow! The Gentlemen hardly EVER comment. Spencer must be special.


Crayl said...

WOW! I can hardly believe the gentlemen not only commented but approved his request! WOOHOO!!