Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fast Prayer

My husband, sweet hard working man that he is, had a job interview yesterday. This position would be a full time regular paying kind of job versus part time ever changing type things we have been surviving off of for a year. It would be a really good thing. The interview was at 1pm. I work on Tuesdays at 2 different places, the first being our church during staff meeting. I answer phones and do some other office stuff to help out. The Pastor's wife, also our worship leader tells me, "I am fasting and praying for that interview".

It was in that moment that I beat myself up a little for not doing that myself. I prayed sure, I prayed with my husband, I prayed over and for my husband, but I wasn't fasting. Fasting is a Biblical way to show deep commitment to what ever it is you seek answers for. It doesn't need to be heard me. It can be anything that draws your attention away from God. Television, books, friends, computers, smoking, drugs or alcohol, sex, specific foods like sugar or Carbs, working on a car or hobby. Seriously, think of your life, it's a small sacrifice really. I have a friend fasting from Ice Cream until he finds who God intended for him and he marries her. NO ICE CREAM (or sex) until marriage...that's commitment.**

I had already eaten so I asked, "What should it be?", and before I was done at my 2nd job of the day I knew what I had to do.

No Internet.

I made it clear, I would stay off the computer until we heard about the job. Every time my thoughts went to the computer and wanting to check my Bloglines, or write a new blog, o look at Facebook, or Email, or weather, or look something up (I am a bit of a research junkie) I would pray instead, or read the Bible.

Obviously, since you are reading this post, we heard, and yes, he got the job. PRAISE GOD!

SO that's what works for me.
For more fabulous tips on life, including the smart one about loose teeth and baby Oragel (Brilliant!) GO HERE!

I should also mention that I got to watch a movie with my family, and I crocheted a scarf and most of a hat and cleaned my house along with the praying. It's amazing!! Come back tomorrow for one other thing I did, there will be a photo, it involves pipe cleaners, (I am going to get e reputation, I know it)

**He's a really nice guy too, 37, graduating from the CHP soon, and a really good drummer(professional), and obviously serious about his relationship with God, contact me with any questions.


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

OK, this ol' Lutheran had no idea that fasting could include something other than food.

I have learned something today! HOORAY!

And I love the ** about the friend. That's like your own little eHarmony or going on right there (and you're probably more successful too!).

Timmy Toast said...

I was very escited when I heard that Aaron got the job. I am very happy that things are going well for your family.

P.S. He loves you... said...

that's dedication!
Hope all goes well!

Dena said...

okay, I had something profound to add, but then read your last little subtext (?) about the single guy, I'm cracking up, shouldn't you also post his picture, I mean, if you're really going to help and all???

Anyway, thanks for that reminder, too good. And I'm SO thankfu for your hubby's new job...YEAH!!!!! Thank you GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you guys!

Jenello said...

can i date mel yet?


at least you know i wont be getting any until im married


u suck

*emmy said...

Great fasting idea for someone who spends a lot of time on thier computer. I guess a good fasting one for me would be ummmmm, fasting from books! Yes, fasting from books. I love to read. I love books. I love to be taken far away from my reality sometimes and live in a make believe "reality". It feeds my imagination and I love it! But, if I ever need a good fast it will be books MINUS my bible of course. I should fast from books TO spend more time in the word. Ya, that is a good one =) .

AND yay, on the new job! Thank you Lord!!