Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wish It Worked For Me.

Okay blogland, here's the deal. My son's handwriting needs help. The kid excels at everything else, but we are having trouble. He is turning 8 soon. He is a right handed person, that holds his pencil and arm like he is left handed, as in, he writes over the letters. We correct, we turn the page, we correct and turn the page again. It is frustrating for everyone involved. We have tried a very special grip, which worked a bit but then we were told to not keep using it or he will be dependent on always HAVING to use it.
SO I ask you.
Is there hope?
What worked for you?
We are hoping cursive is better, so far in the exercises leading up to it he is doing well (loops and whatnot).

Again I ask: What worked for you?

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April said...

I think it's a boy 9 year old son has terrible handwriting(so does his 33 year old dad). Last year it was bad. Everytime I caught it on his homework I would make him erase it and rewrite it. I also bought some of the wide lined paper like they use in preschool/kindergarten and made him write the alphabet every couple of weeks.(mean mom, I know)

It seemed to do the trick because he hated having to redo everything. We tell him just to slow down and take his time.

Anonymous said...

a friend of mine let her boys write with their fingers in shaving cream or paint on a cleanable surface, to help them build the motor-spatial skills (she said boys seem to lack that at about the same age as your son.) The kids love it, so it helps them practice the letters more.

ShortOne said...

My daughter had a handwriting problem also, I was fortunate enough to work with some very good occupational therapists at the time. They were able to work with her and help improve her handwriting. They used a program called "Handwriting without Tears" - it is a very good program that seems to work for kids of many different levels. It worked for us. I'm not sure if you have to go thru a therapist or if there is a home program you can use - I know several school districts in our area are starting to incorporate it also. The website is

Good luck!

Misty said...

i wish I had a solution for you!

Jenello said...

Can you get those preschool books so he can trace letters again? or reward him with every letter he does right the first time he gets a minute on the computer?or you could punish him like dad and make him re write a page of the bible until he improves lol. Then you dont have to worry about him doing devotions

Anonymous said...

My 9 year old has a similar issue, due to grip strength. His hand muscles are weaker, to the point that it is uncomfortable for him to hold the pencil correctly. He works with the Occupational Therapist at school; they are a wealth of information/ tips and are always available to speak with just call your son's school office.

It was such an aha moment for us because we knew he didn't want to do it wrong, we knew he wasn't lazy, but we did start to think we weren't teaching him correctly. AHA - grip strength has nothing to do with teaching style, lol.

They've given us some putty (just like silly putty) to have him clench in down time to grow those muscles up. He thinks its more fun than work and it is helping.

Good luck & God bless! ~Whitney

Mom2fur said...

Well, I can't give you practical advice. But I'll tell you this...99% of the people I've known with horrible handwriting are absolutely brilliant. I work for a doctor and no one can read her writing. My husband and my son, both very smart, write with these teeny-tiny scrawly letters.

What I think is happening is that their brains are working too fast for their hands to keep up. You probably have a genius on your hands.

And chances are, he's got at least 92 years of life ahead of him. Plenty of time to improve!

MomOfDudes said...

I say try everything anyone suggests, the thing that is really great is that you are working on his handwriting. Spelling and correct handwriting seem like a thing of the past these days.

Dena said...

yeah, just throw in the towel, he's a boy....I think it makes them more manly when their handwriting stinks....of course this may just be what I tell myself with two such gifted boys in my home.

Ginny said...

My now 24 year old son still writes like that. It looks like he should be left handed. It may be something that you can't completely correct.

Thany said...

Mom2fur: I have the tidiest handwriting of anyeone I know....what are you saying? ;)

Hang in there, friend. the Blogasphere always comes through.

And God. He does too.

Amy said...

I have heard that it has to do with muscle strength as well. When my son was struggling with his handwriting, his teacher had us play with playdough with him a lot at home. We made sure he was rolling/squeezing playdough every day and he used a special grip until 2nd grade.

Maybe for his age you could try the same thing with modeling clay??? It might be worth a shot.

Michelle D said...

I would definitely try Handwriting Without Tears. It is a great program and not very expensive and works great!