Monday, September 22, 2008

Things I Miss

Things I miss.

1. Random movies on TV. We don't have TV signal (or cable or anything) so I don't get to see random old movies, I kinda miss them. Especially on a day like today, the weather is a little cool, we are cleaning the house, a random movie in the background would be great.

2. My family being all together. I love watching my girls grow up and become adults and take on the world, but I miss the "Usness". I miss living in the same city, or city next door to my parents and some siblings(both by blood and by choice).

3. Frosty Kone in Lone Pine, Ca...We would stop, get a soft serve and play at the park across the street on our way to or from vacation. Now my parents live in that little town, and NO FROSTY KONE. So wrong.

4. Regular paychecks, not just for the money...for planning and true budgeting. I miss figuring it out and sticking to it.

5. Loving salads. You know, nothing makes something less appealing than HAVING to eat it allll the time. I would still love a big fancy salad from a restaurant, but we can't afford that right now.

6. Bond/movie night and Wives, two on going events with a group of friends that have made such a strong impact on my life. These people have been through it with us, and supported us. We can be serious or ridiculously silly. It's wonderful, and I miss the monthly get togethers we used to have when we all lived in the San Diego area. Now we are in 3 different states, 5 different cities.

Why bring this up? Not to be sad, but to be thankful. I may miss these things, but I am so incredibly thankful that at one time I was able to experience them. I am blessed. Life is a journey, always moving, always changing. I am okay with that.

How about you? What do you miss?


marky said...

I miss the little town we moved from 4 years ago.. we could walk to the bank, movie theater, store, schools.. it was the cutest little town.
I miss my dad.
I miss having babies in the house..hence the foster program!
this was a nice post thanks.

Thany said...

I miss my beautiful garden in the home Nathan was born in.

I miss Wives/Bond too. So much.

I miss acting on stage.

But so many of these things I can fix. Not to re-create them but to carry on the memory in a different way. This week the kids and I will do some container gardening with flowers that grow when you pick them and I bet I can have some special memories attached that will be filed away with my love for my old garden.

I think it's OK to miss things sometimes. Because those good memories can make you feel good when you dwell on them.

Missy Shell said...

I miss my Grandma and Granddad, and all of the holidays spent at their house.

I, too, miss Bond/Wives. Very much.

I miss singing, so much that it hurts.

I miss my health, and I am often angry that it has taken so many things, like singing, away.

I miss free time. We never have any. Weekends are always full, and we often go 8 or 9 weeknights in a row where someone's not home.

I miss the church that I grew up in. It was a special place, with special, special people.

But lest I let myself feel too overwhelmed with the negatives, like I tend to do, I must remember to be thankful.

I am creating wonderful memories for MY children with THEIR grandparents.

Because of technology, I can stay in touch daily with my Bond/Wives friends. They are just as much a part of my life now as they were then.

Singing and health, well, I'm still struggling with that. But God is good and He has a plan. I need to cling to that.

Free time? I am thankful that I have wonderful, healthy children who cause our calendar to be so full. They will always have a mom there cheering them on; they aren't "curbed" at their baseball games like so many others are.

Church? Out of the blue, after about 18 years, my best friend from Jr. High (who was from my church) found me on MySpace a few months ago and we've started emailing.

God is good.

MomOfDudes said...

"UsNess" Excellent word

Excellent post

Mrs. Carol said...

Being able to remember is a wonderful blessing. Being able to reminisce with friends is an extra blessing.