Monday, September 29, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, SUPER SPECTACULAR edition

This weeks super, special, sensational and sentimental Ten On Tuesday is brought to you by the letter S. This post is a little longer than usual, Mr. Linky is still down below, join in! And as a warning to my lovely daughters, skip #2. Seriously

In order...but in count down form:

10. Sassy Shoes
9. Silliness
8. Skates. I spent many hours of my childhood skating in make believe shows with dear friends (Hi Heidi!)
7. Sting, the musician.
6. Selah, which means, think, for a moment, about the value of what was just said.
5. Social skills, teach your children well...please!
4. Singing, songs, and saxophones.
3. Stillness, Be still and know that I am God....In the quiet you will find rest.
2. Shhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!SEX. Yep, with my HUSBAND. Okay, now my girls are grossing out. And since one thing leads to another...
1. SPENCER. Today is Spencer's 8th birthday. I did not plan this spectacular coincidence, I realized it last week while working on R's. How Special, a dual post!

He has charmed many people along his journey of life. With giant cheeks and a personality of graciousness and love. He is smart, witty and imaginative as well as gifted in music, creativity, empathy and prayer. He has spoken of his future wife and his future kids since he was about 2, she is going to be a blessed woman.
He is my only son, he is my youngest. Happy Birthday to my Superduper Son Spencer!

What is your S list of thankfulness?
Share with us! :)


MomOfDudes said...

My Yummy Nummy Spencer Happy Birthday Dearest Boy!!! You have my heart.

Selah- One of my favorite words of all time!!!!

marky said...

Happy birthday Spencer!!!

Missy Shell said...

Happy Birthday, T!

Misty said...

happy birthday spencer!!!!

great list

*emmy said...

What perfect timing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPENCER!!

lucysd13 said...

threw up in my mouth just a little

Thany said...

Spencer T is one of my all time favorite "S's." I adore him.

Mrs. Carol said...

Yay for SEX! What a gift God gave us! Skates, I got my scar from skating. Celebrating your son is so special.

jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Spencer!! He is a good looking young man.

Great list!

Amy said...

Awesome list, happy birthday Spencer!!