Monday, September 15, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, Q

Ten things I am thankful for that start with the letter Q!

No particular order.

1. Quiche, delicious.
2. Quiet, peaceful, restful, sometimes necessary.
3. Quakes, a little shake up now and then isn't so bad. Of course there is the kind in a bag all covered with cheese flavor too.
4. Quail, are cute.
5. Quotes, so many to share!If only I had a place to share them... oh, wait.
6. Quench my thirst. Water is my number one choice.
7. Quickly....when things happen quickly it is so wonderful...except our babies growing up, or moments of bliss passing. I am still thankful for other things being quick.
8. Quality. Honest, good for the money quality.
9. Questionnaires, FUN!
10. Quest...."What is your Name? What is your Quest? What is your favorite color?"

Join me, you'll feel better, even if you didn't feel bad to begin with. Thankfulness is healing and restful to the soul.

It's easy! Ten things you are thankful for. Take the challenge and make it all words that start with the letter Q if you wish . NEXT WEEK IS R! Remember and plan ahead.


Mrs. Carol said...

My name is Carol, affectionately called Carol Ruth by my husband. My favorite color to look at is yellow because it is so cheerful and sunny and bright

Heather said...

Hmmm.... quite a quandary you have with so many quotes :)

I love questionnaires too! And I'm definitely with you on quality; there's no substitute.

Great words! This is so much fun!

MomOfDudes said...

I forgot to say how much I love it when my bank account shows quantity

Love ya

Hey, just want to announce on Fridays I will be starting a new topic "Journal Jar Fridays" Look for it

Missy Shell said...

"Blue. NO! Yellow! AAAAAHHHHHH"

Misty said...

great Q list!!!!

marky said...

It is Q.. and this week I vote for QUIET!!
You rock..btw.. I just posted my 100 post too!! I didn't even realize it..
see we are twins aren't we?

Dena said...

Quiche, ah, yummy!

Dena said...

oh, and happy 100th anniversary. you look real good. :o)