Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Smell This"

If you have ever looked in the fridge and found leftovers and thought "How old is this, can we still eat it?" try this. We have a small magnetic notepad with the days of the week, some people write their menus ahead of time, aren't they great? I try to plan, but our crazy life changes things, ...ALOT, so I write in what we ate for dinner sometimes on the day itself.
The list serves more than one purpose, meal ideas and planning, even if the days change, but then, I keep last weeks menu up...so I know how old things are in the fridge. So when you open the foil you know how old it is and if it's safe to eat.
Works For Me.
Want better ideas for living?
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Misty said...

this is a GREAT idea... you are a clever, clever girl...

Thany said...

I enjoy the clever....but I also enjoy the "snap back" factor as Daivd's nose does it's best to retreat from the stinky pot roast from 3 weeks ago.

Especially when we remember we never had pot roast last week.

WWFM? Making David do all the smelling.


inquisitivesensitive said...

i LOVE that idea... I think I shall start doing it :D

What is your rule of thumb for how long things last as leftovers???



marigold said...

This is a great idea. I never am able to plan a menu in advance but I could easily write down what we had today!