Friday, September 19, 2008


I strayed off my eating plan, a lot, this summer with the arrival of my daughter back into our home, and her job at Marie Cellendar's. She receives a really good deal on pie, maybe too good.

She is on a little trip visiting and I have jumped back on my good eating wagon. While doing so I looked up the calorie count of the aforementioned pies.

1 slice=1/5 of the pie:
Lemon Meringue, , 547
Apple, 863
Chocolate Cream, 535

And that's why my pants are tight. I am back on the wagon!

Anyone want to join me?

You still have time!! It takes 21 days to form a new habit, start now and be different, healthier, slimmer, stronger, smoke free, more prayer full, better educated or informed... whatever!

42 days until Halloween, and for some candy within reach.
70 days until Thanksgiving, and the start of a 5-15 pound gain for most Americans.
99 days until Christmas.
106 Days until 2009, and NEW resolutions, maybe now is a good time to remember the old ones if you happen to make any.

106 days from now will come, no matter what you choose to do. I am choosing to be different by the time we roll over to 2009, how about you?

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