Monday, September 1, 2008

Not That House. THIS House.

You know that one house in each neighborhood, the one that all the kids want to hang out? Some of you are THAT HOUSE. Some of you want to never be THAT HOUSE. I personally want to be That House....but NOT for kids, NOT for Teens, but for...

Spontaneous outbursts of songs and creativity and rocking jam sessions.
Not 24/7 mind you, that's just crazy talk.

We had a jam session in the living room last night. Full drum set, bass and electric acoustic guitar. It was delightful.

Yes, it would be good to have a real studio space for such things. Yes, it would be nice if we had more than our tiny living room...BUT it worked, and it was fun, and entertaining and a good ending to the day.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you; On drums, Mel Flores. On electric acoustic guitar, my daughter, Alyssa, and on bass and vocals, my husband, Aaron.

Background vocals provided by yours truly (Not in photo).


marky said...

What fun!! I wanted to be that house too.. but alas, we are not musically gifted! My oldest son, who doesn't have musical gifts either always hung out at his one friends house for that very reason..they all just played Great music and lots of instruments. It did encourage him to learn the guitar, and he is getting it pretty good now.. now that he moved out ;-(
Lets hope the next 2 develop some music talent!!
It is so very cool that your dh and daughter play music together!

Dena said...

I totally want to be that house, but the fun house that all the kids want to hang out at.

And I wished this was a video clip not just a picture of your hubby playin'.

lucysd13 said...

acoustic electric not eletric acoustic BIG DIFFERENCE

Audra Krell said...

Come on mom, if you wanna be "that house" you've at least got to get the instruments right! Yes? Oh we are "that house" too and it is fantastic. I have three boys, they all play mulitiple instruments including what I call, an "amplified acoustic." After reading this post maybe I'm wrong? Ah, either way, it is incredibly glorious when they get going. I love your picture!

Tanya said...

Oh, this looks like so much fun!! I haven't a musical bone in my body, but I love musicians and I love watching and hearing them do their thing. You're a lucky woman.

Jenello said...

im so glad my future husband already gets along so well with my family.