Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home Is Where Mom Is, (for once).

I spent all day at home yesterday, all day. I had no appointments, no rehearsals, no kids to take or pick up from anything, no work or meetings....nada, zip, nothing.

I am amazed at how much I got done.
I am also amazed at how much I DIDN'T get done.
It really is a never ending job (that I love).


Missy Shell said...

Wow. A whole Saturday at home. I don't know what that feels like.

Sounds glorious, though. :-)

inquisitivesensitive said...

Gosh that sounds great! :) Glad you got stuff done and got to relax a bit. Thank you so much for that link to the food safety... I printed it out and stuck it on the fridge. :D It will be a great help!

marky said...

I LOVE when I have a day and no place I have to be!! I would love another day to stay home I have a list a mile long to get accomplished!
I went yard saling, took youngest to soccer then went to work till midnight.. Not a fun saturday!

jennifer said...

I understand completely!!

Did you know next week is some kind of national stay at home week??? Girl, i love to GO. That will be hard for me!

bp said...

Hehe! I like how you said how much you DIDN't get done! And I guess we all need time like this to ourselves, every now and then.

Thanks for coming by, C! Have a great week ahead... God bless!

Misty said...

it sounds wonderful and honestly, I'm a tad bit jealous! but good for you!

Thany said...

Ont he days I have just the baby, I always plan GRAND plans and if I get just the dishwasher unloaded, I still feel accomplished.

I am very happy for you!!

Angela said...

Oh, I love those days. They are rarer than rare, but I love them when they do come... every decade or so. =^)