Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blog Calling



"Hello? Who's this?"

"You called me"

"[Kah]You don't know your own cousin?"

I rack my brain for a moment. None of my cousins have my current phone number, because we don't really talk to each other, we aren't close. Then I think, maybe it's for my daughter, so it's actually one of my brain tries to wrap around the attitudenal voice...nope, no matches.

She continues...
"Is this Melissa?"


"Wait, what?"

"No, this isn't Melissa, no one lives here with that name"

"Oh my [gosh] I am so sorry, I mis-dialed"

"That's okay"

"My Bad, so sorry"

She actually said a bit more. It was interesting how one moment she was all up in my grill about not knowing who she was and then completely sweet and apologetic when she realized, I in fact was not who SHE thought I was. The whole thing made me laugh and I immediately thought "I have to blog this", so I did. Now I am trying to figure out how to tie this into some great illustration of how God works, or God's love. Isn't it interesting how that happens? QUICK, transform that basic occurrence into a blog,or a bible study illustration...or the big show, SERMON STORY.

"A woman received a phone call one morning..."

Wouldn't that be the ultimate complement, a little story about a wrong number hitting pulpits across America? They all get these stories from somewhere. I would often notice similarities in sermon series, and sermon stories from friends that went to churches in the same conference. Three different churches, all similar stuff, who's feeding them? How does one write for such things? Is there a magazine, a newsletter, an E-Zine?

I will have to find out.


*emmy said...

Now you got me thinking of an illustration to go with your phone call. Good thoughts.

Thany said...

Actually, there are books with anecdotes as well as magazines that will have little stories in them like that.

I know that because my dad once told a story about my sister, Dodger Stadium and a baseball glove. The story and the proper life instruction was printed in a magazine for pastors. Imagine Dad's surprise when he was attending a pastor's conference and he heard the illustration used but the life application was the OPPOSITE of what Dad had originated! Showing a story can illustrate almost anything you want. The story of my sister because quite famous in the BGC Circles of things.

I think the lesson in all if this is the great and Biblical truth: Thou shalt screen all of thine calls.