Friday, September 12, 2008

Air Typo

My husband turned off the DVD had been watching and walked towards me saying, "So, what are you doing?"
I know he is asking if I am staying up longer or going to bed soon, but a line from that waazzzuup commercial is in my mind, except a little fuzzy, and while I pondered the possible correct words he said, "Nothing, just reading the paper drinking a Bud?"
"That's the line!", I said enthusiastically, "I wanted to say that but I forgot the line, but I knew I was drinking something"
He raised an eyebrow, "Maybe that's why you forgot"
"All that 'drinking""...and he used finger quotes exactly like I typed it, one finger on one hand and two on the other.

"You can't do it like that, that's a typo!"

And we laughed, and I immediately told him I was going to blog this.
And for the record,he had pistachio shells in his hand AND NO ALCOHOL AT ALL was consumed, we were just kidding.

1 comment:

marky said...

I love that commercial!
however my new favorite is the Planters Cashew one. Where the girl with the unibrow has men falling all over her b/c she smells like cashews!