Monday, August 25, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, N

Ten things I am thankful for, The Letter N!

No particular order.

1. Naps, rare but wonderful.
2. Night, a time of rest and replenishment.
3. Nature, and natural things.I am not totally granola, but I love being surrounded by trees right now.
4. Neckties, face it, a man looks good in a necktie.
5. Notebooks, oh how I love notebooks.
6. Nape, of my Neck, when my hubby's lips find it.
7. Nest, the kind I make in bed with blankets and pillows, so cozy (in winter)
8. Nuts, specifically cashew, Macadamia and almonds.
9. Negotiations, better than other alternatives.
10. Nice people, they are the best people ever.

Join in the thankful fun!!
It's simple!
Make a list of TEN THINGS you are thankful for! This week is N, next week is O, however, I will accept any 10 item list of what you are thankful for. Link it up!


Mrs. Carol said...

I NEED to hurry on to school NOW. Tomorrow is the actual real day for teachers. Definitely not a NOVICE.

marky said...

I forgot to play today! So sorry..
Naps, are high on my N list ;-)