Monday, August 11, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, L

Ten things I am thankful for, L edition.

1. Love, all you need is love. But since this is a list of 10...

2. Liz. Friend for life and beyond, laughing and creating, loving and praying.
3. LaDonna, sisters through love. Yaya.
4. Laparoscopic surgery, heal faster with less scars, thank you very much.
5. Lolligag, Laze, Leisure.
6. Laps, to hold children on, so wonderful.
7. Light. Not only to brighten our path, warm us, and grow our food, but also the light of this dark world. Salvation through Love, the sacrifice of Christ.
8. Laughter, and lots of it.
9. Lingonberries
10. Linger, Languish. It's good to slow down and appreciate what you have.

Please join me. Ten L things you are thankful for. LINK below (Aren't links great?)


inquisitivesensitive said...

Hey :) I love reading these :)


Missy Shell said...

Hey! You're early! It's still Monday!!! :-)

*emmy said...

I think my vocabulary has grown since I started reading all these Ten on Tuesday list. So many fun words out there.

Great list!

Dena said...

I agree with emmy, I'm learning new things! It's kinda like that word of the day toilet paper, yeah, just like that! :o)

(my list, is again, not the norm.)

marky said...

thanks for the well wishes. I thought I would play along today.

Thany said...

I'm in!!

MomOfDudes said...

word of the day toilet paper? Where do you get that? LOL

Decided to do a Wedding diaries version of the Ten...

Love ya

perilloparodies said...

you have been linked at hope you do not mind... just had to get in on this thanksgiving time. sorry i could not make it to yours. if i don't start now i will forget... and can't do that. May our thanksgivings bless Jesus!!!