Friday, August 1, 2008

One Week Left.

I have one week left in my 30's.

And frankly, although I am slightly weirded out at the thought of it, I am okay with it too. I am who I am, no matter the number. I refuse to claim being old, why do that to yourself? I don't try to be teenager, but why be an old lady? No thanks. I am just who I am, I feel no different as the years add on. I still struggle with some things, I have overcome's all just a journey.

A journey worth claiming that next candle.

So I will embrace this last week in my thirties, but I will embrace next Friday as I enter my forties, celebrating as I go.


John said...

Congratulations, Crayl, you won my giveaway!

Please email me at johnlynk at rocketmail dot com to tell me where to send your $25 Target gift card!

Thany said...

Well...that's not a bad birthday present.

*emmy said...

That is so kind of you to help this guy out by posting his work qualifications on your post. If you had any sciene background I could of recommened him to Damon.

Congratulations on you win!!

Did you just have a birthday? I am so sorry that I missed it!!!!! Happy Belated Birthday and hugs!!