Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Music For The Soul

Music For Your Soul
If you download music from say a download site that starts with "i", the artist gets less than 50 cents of that $.99 you spent..sometimes more like $.10 or $.20. If you download from SPEAKERHEART, then the artist (sometimes starving artists) get 75 cents out of the $.99.

Why this works for me.

My husband is one of those artists, and while this seems like just an ad for him, it's about supporting the industry correctly. We all want a deal, but remember, someone, somewhere, wrote that song and paid out of his pocket from other regular jobs to record it, and they may have a family to feed.
Try SpeakerHeart,* it's easy to use, has delightful artist of ALL genres. You can look around, hear samples and sometimes full songs. You can purchase one song or a full album. It's cool.

I suggest you start with this guy:

* I am not getting anything from SpeakerHeart for writing this post, they don't even know I exist. This is just something I believe in.


Misty said...

good for you! Honestly... this is a GREAT WFMW post!

Dena said...

feeling guilty for the $40 i just spent at the 'i' site last week. will check out 'speaker' sight. will always think of your little face and spence's little face waiting at the dinner table when i buy music. gotta go, need to download some very hip jazz music onto my ipod.

inquisitivesensitive said...

I thought speakerheart was the name of his recording record or something. I didn't realize it was an entire music store :)

I will be using that from now on instead of the dreaded i store. :P

Thanks for opening my eyes to something new :)


Z-Mama said...

Hm, thanks for teaching us all something new. I will tell everyone I know :O)