Monday, August 25, 2008

It Has Begun.

School is now in session.

I was a little envious of some of you sending of your kids to school each day, I admit it. But, I also love to home educate my kid too. God made it clear that this is still the right choice for us. It might not be in the future, but for now, we will continue. Curriculum this year has taken a drastic leap and there is a lot more prep work and deeper interaction for me. I am accepting the challenge.

Speaking of challenges I give you before:

That pencil holder is at least 3 inches high, and the stack of stuff next to it? Higher. I received a gift card for my birthday anonymously, yes, anonymously. At first I was going to use it for Christmas gifts for my extended family, because things are ridiculously tight. My daughter, and then my mom said . "NO", and convinced me to use it for the purpose intended, a gift, for me. So I bought this organizing thingy, THAT.I.LOVE. and wonderful file folders, THAT.I.LOVE., which they themselves are necessary but the fun design and price tag are not. Now all my stuff for school and other projects is organized and easy to find. This is my blog spot as well, as well as the dining room table, my husband works at home too and due to logistics has the cool computer desk etc. But this way I can blog and teach and eat lunch all at the same time! It's not so bad. And now it looks better,and totally presentable if someone came over. Ahhhhhhh.....

I wanted to link up to my finds , but could not locate the exact ones I bought. Here are similar options. Always look around for the best price though...
Fun and pretty File folders: Here, and here, and here.

Table top file holder/desk organizer things:


marky said...

Great organization!! Our ps begins wed, I have nothing for homeschool and have not registered for ps. I will have truant kids in 24hours. we have homeschooled 7 years, and I am tired..
your little fellow is adorable

Missy Shell said...

Fun file folders are a must. I bought some ridiculously expensive but adorable blue and green and white plaid folders for all of my board stuff.

Kudos to you for using your card on something fun!

*emmy said...

Cute file you got there. Yes, everyone is slowly going back to school. We still have a few more days to play though. Alexis will start Sept.3rd as a KINDERGARTNER!! Unbelievable. M-F. School. Every.Day.

You are an awesome mom!! Kudos to YOU!

Dena said...

wait, I'll be right over, with my label maker.