Friday, August 1, 2008


I am sorry if I sound boastful, but it is very exciting to win a little something! I want to link to the guy's blog I won my fabulous Target gift card from. Yes, a guy! He is searching for a job. I personally don't know many in his field, but perhaps you do. Check it out, he is willing to re-locate.

Here are some of his qualifications:

Acted as owner-contractor liaison; Approved monthly requisitions; Arranged CPM schedule changes; Collected for accounts receivable; Coordinated cost codes, estimates, and quantities; Created materials submittals and source of supplies; Ordered materials and supplies; Planned, estimated, and coordinated projects; Prepared and submitted bids and contracts; Procured bonds and permits; Reviewed and revised plans as needed; Screened and managed personnel; Tracked prime and sub-contractor quantities; Utilized Alpha 4 Version 2.0, Lotus 123 Version 3.1, Primavera Version 5.0, and Word Perfect

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John said...

Crayl, thanks so much for the props! I really appreciate your help!