Sunday, August 17, 2008

Black & White And Drunk All Over.

Saturday night in our little city was the annual "Black And White Ball". Last year we had only been living here a few weeks when this event occurred, I didn't really know what it was. This year I paid a little more attention, not too much because of the current money situation and the ticket price was $65, I think, I could be wrong. I tried to gather information of what this event is...

*It is at night.
*Our cute downtown (not Old Town)is temporarily fenced in.
*You get to dress up, black and white preferred, and walk in the street.
*Eat various food from a multitude of local restaurants & vendors, included in price.
*Listen to different bands on 3 or 4 different stages.

OH YEAH, and drink alcohol in the streets, legally.(Alcohol NOT included in price).

Many people were not drunk and were simply having a nice time, but then there was everyone else. Drunk people everywhere. It seemed a little surreal, like a herd of sloshed zebras, or maybe that's just me.

I should mention that I was not in attendance. My hubby's gig that night happen to be in a local establishment (read bar with pool tables, live music and dancing if the mood strikes) that night right on the edge of the fenced off area. There were little groups of people coming and going in and out of the bar using the real bathrooms, instead of the porta-potties-ick, and buying a few drinks. Sometimes they would stop and dance to the music being played by the band.

When I left around 1am more and more people were showing up at this local bar. As I walked away I noticed one young woman wearing, well, not much it seemed to me. A very short "dress" that was cut in a giant V in the front to her naval, with a push up apparatus showing the world what she's got up top. She was tipsy and loudly complaining with much vulgarity how the men were treating her like, well, since this is a family site, a woman of the night, one that might work in a place with name "live" in it...wink wink. As I walked away the thought occurred to me,
"Hmmmmm, dress like a lady get treated like a lady, dress like a hootchie mama, get treated like one." I refrained from pointing this out to her, considering her mental capacity at the time I am sure it would not be well received.

I drove carefully home avoiding people walking in the streets and people avoiding light, how sad. Upon further investigation it seemed clear, this wasn't raising money for charity or the city. Again, some people weren't drinking, I am sure this event has clean and sober people in attendance too, I wish the ratio was a little stronger in their direction.

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