Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cold Head, Warm Heart, Secure Manhood

Or, the fabulous cloak of frogdom.

My sweet husband, my strong big man, has a problem. If air hits his head, specifically COLD air he gets a wicked headache. It could be argued its the lack of hair up there, but this problem existed when the hair still did too. He almost always has a ball cap somewhere nearby, or on his head, to prevent the pain.

A couple weeks ago during a rehearsal the A/C was cranked high because we were all hot, but he didn't have his hat. Our leader looked at him and asked if he was okay, he explained the problem...someone ran off, and got a frog shaped fake furry blanket thing. I say thing because it's head was stuffed. I am going to assume it is for laying on the floor to watch tv or take a nap. He placed it on his head like a hooded cloak. Then he added a piece of black velvet on top of that. Much laughing ensued, however, he kept it on the entire rehearsal to keep the headache at bay. He doesn't care what he looks like, it worked and as he would tell you , he is secure in his manhood.

May I present my husband:

I love him, he is my hero, no matter what he is wearing.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tell Them What You Think

I think surveys are fun, real surveys, not those fake ones that send you on a wild goose chase to "earn" a free lap top by getting life insurance or signing up for Columbia House.

I have been a member of MY Survey for several years now, and I love it! I sit at my computer, give my opinion, and earn points that are redeemable for prizes, raffle tickets, donations to a charity, OR CASH. I choose cash, thanyouverymuch. One time I received 2 full size containers of laundry detergent to try, free. I had to test the hardness of my water and use it for a couple weeks and then answer questions, it was great! Another time I received toilet paper sample H21yg (or something like that) It was the softest, thickest toilet paper I have ever used. I'd share with you what it was, but I can't, they didn't tell me what brand it was! Some surveys are top secret regarding products that haven't come out yet, it's cool. Your opinion matters and might change something for the better in the future.

They are allowing me to now link to them and offer you a chance to sign up, right here, from my page. Try it. I have never been sold up the river or spammed through them. It's safe and private. Did I mention THEY PAY YOU? It isn't a giant amount, but it's worth my time. Sometimes there are little surveys worth 10-25 points, but sometimes, something you answered will make you eligible to answer a 400 point survey! Depending on who you are and where you live will determine how many surveys are for you (what kind of household, how many children or pets if any).

Try it out, you've got nothing to lose.
It totally Works For Me.
Check out other things that Work for people over at Shannon's Dryer.

CLICK THIS BUTTON HERE TO SIGN UP!!!:) If this link doesn't work, use the one on the side bar, if that doesn't work leave me your email address and I will personally send you an invite from them to join!!! I will!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, N

Ten things I am thankful for, The Letter N!

No particular order.

1. Naps, rare but wonderful.
2. Night, a time of rest and replenishment.
3. Nature, and natural things.I am not totally granola, but I love being surrounded by trees right now.
4. Neckties, face it, a man looks good in a necktie.
5. Notebooks, oh how I love notebooks.
6. Nape, of my Neck, when my hubby's lips find it.
7. Nest, the kind I make in bed with blankets and pillows, so cozy (in winter)
8. Nuts, specifically cashew, Macadamia and almonds.
9. Negotiations, better than other alternatives.
10. Nice people, they are the best people ever.

Join in the thankful fun!!
It's simple!
Make a list of TEN THINGS you are thankful for! This week is N, next week is O, however, I will accept any 10 item list of what you are thankful for. Link it up!

It Has Begun.

School is now in session.

I was a little envious of some of you sending of your kids to school each day, I admit it. But, I also love to home educate my kid too. God made it clear that this is still the right choice for us. It might not be in the future, but for now, we will continue. Curriculum this year has taken a drastic leap and there is a lot more prep work and deeper interaction for me. I am accepting the challenge.

Speaking of challenges I give you before:

That pencil holder is at least 3 inches high, and the stack of stuff next to it? Higher. I received a gift card for my birthday anonymously, yes, anonymously. At first I was going to use it for Christmas gifts for my extended family, because things are ridiculously tight. My daughter, and then my mom said . "NO", and convinced me to use it for the purpose intended, a gift, for me. So I bought this organizing thingy, THAT.I.LOVE. and wonderful file folders, THAT.I.LOVE., which they themselves are necessary but the fun design and price tag are not. Now all my stuff for school and other projects is organized and easy to find. This is my blog spot as well, as well as the dining room table, my husband works at home too and due to logistics has the cool computer desk etc. But this way I can blog and teach and eat lunch all at the same time! It's not so bad. And now it looks better,and totally presentable if someone came over. Ahhhhhhh.....

I wanted to link up to my finds , but could not locate the exact ones I bought. Here are similar options. Always look around for the best price though...
Fun and pretty File folders: Here, and here, and here.

Table top file holder/desk organizer things:

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I heard the sound of a fire engine, no big deal. The firehouse is just a few blocks away. Then I realized it was very close, so I looked out my window that overlooks the street. Sure enough, there it was, driving really, really slowly, and pulling on the siren slowly. I wondered if perhaps they were looking for an address nearby, then I heard screaming, I thought, "That must be where they need to go"...
Until I saw a pick up truck full of kids in soccer uniforms drive by, and then another, and another. Spencer and I ran out to our front steps and watched team after team in trucks, boats, trailers, and old fun fire wagons drive by. They were yelling their team names, holding signs and banners, waving. It was a little weird, but fun. We waved, I yelled at one kid to sit down in the back of a truck (one little touch on the brake and that kid would have been on the pavement). I am sure they were on there way into the field area with parents waiting to cheer them on. But for us it was a lazy Saturday treat.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Remember, Always.

Philippians 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Things aren't always peachy keen around here,the last three years in particular, but this last year I have learned so very much about God, His love, forgiveness, plans for me, for good, not's been a long road, I am not done.

I am still learning to not be anxious,
to not be anxious when jobs are pulled out from under you
to not be anxious when your house is foreclosed on
to not be anxious when you are sent to collections on seemingly insurmountable bills
to not be anxious when although you and your husband are both holding down several part time jobs, you still don't have enough...
to not be anxious when past hurts are revealed, and you realize you are powerless to change the past, to protect your children, that you have no real control over anything.

Anxiety solves nothing. Worry solves nothing.

Hope is what I grab a hold of.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Suspicious Liz

This photo is from after my wedding reception when rose petals were being tossed at us. In the photo is my husband, and one of my best friends, Liz...This blown up shot (sorry about the resolution) clearly shows her up to no good.

What she is shoving down his collar is anyone's guess. Sure it might be rose petals, maybe...then again....

She was the mastermind behind many a shenanigan. Her nick name,"Trouble",was given to her by my then fiance minutes after they met, she was honored*. She has a heart of gold, she helps mold young people as a Drama teacher and with her youth pastor husband, she is a strong believer through some really tough stuff...but she also is a prankster and a blast to be around.

For more non-photo album fun head over to We Are That Family and check out Kristen and her brave photo, and a plethora of other's as well.

*It should be noted that my dear hubby often gives nicknames to everyone, and they often morph and develop into other names, or multiple names.

Monday, August 18, 2008



Not completely in order, but somewhat.

1. My Man, my fabulous, hard working, sweetie.
2. Michelle & Michelle. They are both such amazing people, and really good friends.
3. Mom, I love my mom. I love being a mom.
4. Miracles, who isn't thankful for those?
5. Manicotti, Thany's is especially good.
6. Melon; Water, Musk, Honeydew...mmmmmmm.
7. Marriage
8. Malarkey, what a fabulous word!! Much more dignified than "crap"."Don't give me any of your malarkey!"
9. Macaroni and Cheese(homemade). Macaroni is a perfect item to hold up cheese.
10. Mail. I received blessings in the mail today. That was good, but anything in the mail is fun! A letter, a card, a postcard from a faraway place. Email is great, but nothing beats a snail mail letter.

Please join me in being thankful. Create your TEN on Tuesday list and link below. It would be great if you tried out all M words! Thankfulness is healing and uplifting. Join us!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Black & White And Drunk All Over.

Saturday night in our little city was the annual "Black And White Ball". Last year we had only been living here a few weeks when this event occurred, I didn't really know what it was. This year I paid a little more attention, not too much because of the current money situation and the ticket price was $65, I think, I could be wrong. I tried to gather information of what this event is...

*It is at night.
*Our cute downtown (not Old Town)is temporarily fenced in.
*You get to dress up, black and white preferred, and walk in the street.
*Eat various food from a multitude of local restaurants & vendors, included in price.
*Listen to different bands on 3 or 4 different stages.

OH YEAH, and drink alcohol in the streets, legally.(Alcohol NOT included in price).

Many people were not drunk and were simply having a nice time, but then there was everyone else. Drunk people everywhere. It seemed a little surreal, like a herd of sloshed zebras, or maybe that's just me.

I should mention that I was not in attendance. My hubby's gig that night happen to be in a local establishment (read bar with pool tables, live music and dancing if the mood strikes) that night right on the edge of the fenced off area. There were little groups of people coming and going in and out of the bar using the real bathrooms, instead of the porta-potties-ick, and buying a few drinks. Sometimes they would stop and dance to the music being played by the band.

When I left around 1am more and more people were showing up at this local bar. As I walked away I noticed one young woman wearing, well, not much it seemed to me. A very short "dress" that was cut in a giant V in the front to her naval, with a push up apparatus showing the world what she's got up top. She was tipsy and loudly complaining with much vulgarity how the men were treating her like, well, since this is a family site, a woman of the night, one that might work in a place with name "live" in it...wink wink. As I walked away the thought occurred to me,
"Hmmmmm, dress like a lady get treated like a lady, dress like a hootchie mama, get treated like one." I refrained from pointing this out to her, considering her mental capacity at the time I am sure it would not be well received.

I drove carefully home avoiding people walking in the streets and people avoiding light, how sad. Upon further investigation it seemed clear, this wasn't raising money for charity or the city. Again, some people weren't drinking, I am sure this event has clean and sober people in attendance too, I wish the ratio was a little stronger in their direction.

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Vote For Summer

Jenni over at One Thing has a photo entered into the Summer contest at 5 Minutes For Moms. I urge you to head over and vote, and while I really love her entry,...alot,...and I want to sway you towards hers, I will say, vote honestly. Her entry is number 5, with the girl high in the sky on the swing.

I think her entry is so beautiful and captures a pure essence of summer. It is also crisp, well framed and doesn't look digitally messed with like a few other entries (which I don't particularly like, maybe you do). I also liked one other entry nearly as much, I wish I could vote for both.

So head over and vote, I believe it is over August 29th.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


AKA Pipe Cleaners Revisited.

Awhile back I posted about pipe cleaner fun during long car trips, with photos! I toyed with the idea of doing a series of pipe cleaners a day for a month. I didn't obviously, because you would know about it...however, I took a few shots to see how it might be fun. I meticulously shaped a pipe cleaner into a bug, and placed it on my nose...and yeah...

that isn't what it looks like at all, does it?
This is not going into a photo album, in fact I am shocked that I am showing you this at all. But call me brave, call me crazy, I just wanted to join in on the fun. Maybe someday I'll post a GOOD photo of myself.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, L

Ten things I am thankful for, L edition.

1. Love, all you need is love. But since this is a list of 10...

2. Liz. Friend for life and beyond, laughing and creating, loving and praying.
3. LaDonna, sisters through love. Yaya.
4. Laparoscopic surgery, heal faster with less scars, thank you very much.
5. Lolligag, Laze, Leisure.
6. Laps, to hold children on, so wonderful.
7. Light. Not only to brighten our path, warm us, and grow our food, but also the light of this dark world. Salvation through Love, the sacrifice of Christ.
8. Laughter, and lots of it.
9. Lingonberries
10. Linger, Languish. It's good to slow down and appreciate what you have.

Please join me. Ten L things you are thankful for. LINK below (Aren't links great?)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just Like Ken!

In a lively, and slightly odd, but totally fun conversation this morning with Alyssa and her fella', Tim, the topic of male underwear models was discussed. It was noted how oddly they are posed, and strange it is for a (heterosexual)guy to be looking at a another guy in his underwear while purchasing said items. It was also discussed that some family oriented companies airbrush to de-emphasis, or to "Kenify" them while others , um, possibly enhance.

So then...
It was mentioned that there is the equivalent to a wonder bra in men's underwear. We laughed and joked and then it was added that it comes in a men's bathing suit as well,
to which I said,

"That makes sense"

And Alyssa nearly died, turned red, and yelled "MOoooOOooOoOM!" I added...

"Well, cold water and all".

Yeah, good times.


Friday, August 8, 2008


Today is THE day 08-08-08!!!
Happy Birthday to me!

I have waited a very long time for those numbers to align, isn't it cool?
I remember my 8th birthday, sure.
I remember 08-08-88, went to San Fransisco with my parents, who knew I would live so close now?

I'm 40!
So go watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics for me. Or just sit for a moment and delight in the delicate eternal circles that make an 8, isn't it beautiful? :)

You are now excused from my silliness to return to your everyday life. I'm gonna go "party" with my family.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Poor Sicko

My Birthday is Friday.I thought I'd throw that out there, because this has been quite the week leading up to it. I am turning *gasp* 40. This is not the week I had hoped for, and I am praying that my son is ALL better so that we can go have a little fun.

For the last 7 days I have been a sad mommy as my youngest was sick, really sick. I also had a weekend full of concerts. Not to attend, to sing in(Hubby plays keys, bass and sings as well). My poor sick child was thankfully, generously and kindly cared for by his eldest sister (older than her twin by a full 18 minutes). I am so incredibly thankful that she moved back in and was able to help us out since we were so swamped this weekend.

We think he is finally getting back to normal, but he isn't all better yet. High fevers, headaches, weird spots and a small plethora of other symptoms. Checked out by doctors, "Just a virus", just a stupid, icky, mommy doesn't like it virus. Poor kid.

Look what it did to my baby!!!
Stupid virus.

This is one photo not going into any album. Can you imagine? "Oh, look honey, remember the time that virus made your eyes all puffy and the fever broke blood vessels in the white part? Wow".

Yeah, I don't think so. I will refrain from showing pictures of the weird spots.

For more non-album worthy photos head on over to We Are That Family!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Music For The Soul

Music For Your Soul
If you download music from say a download site that starts with "i", the artist gets less than 50 cents of that $.99 you spent..sometimes more like $.10 or $.20. If you download from SPEAKERHEART, then the artist (sometimes starving artists) get 75 cents out of the $.99.

Why this works for me.

My husband is one of those artists, and while this seems like just an ad for him, it's about supporting the industry correctly. We all want a deal, but remember, someone, somewhere, wrote that song and paid out of his pocket from other regular jobs to record it, and they may have a family to feed.
Try SpeakerHeart,* it's easy to use, has delightful artist of ALL genres. You can look around, hear samples and sometimes full songs. You can purchase one song or a full album. It's cool.

I suggest you start with this guy:

* I am not getting anything from SpeakerHeart for writing this post, they don't even know I exist. This is just something I believe in.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, K

Ten things I am thankful for, all about "K".

In no particular order.

1. Kermit The Frog
2. Kangaroos
3. Kelsey and Kelly
4. Kindred spirits. ALA Anne of Green Gables style, friends that connect on such a sweet and deep level.
5. Knees, I am thankful mine currently work. Ever try to get around without them? Also to be down on...
6. Koi, they are beautiful and relaxing to watch.
7. Kauai.
8. Kisses. Passionate ones from hubby and sweet little ones from my kids.
9. Kitchen, it's where food is made, I am a fan of good food.
10. Kiwi fruit. A truly ripe one is such a delight.

Join me in thankfulness!
Gratitude heals the soul, softens the heart, and opens us up to more blessings. Try a K list of thankfulness. Link it up, let's share.

Just a reminder

Tomorrow is "K" day for Ten on Tuesday Thankfulness.

Link up your thankfulness later tonight or tomorrow!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


I am sorry if I sound boastful, but it is very exciting to win a little something! I want to link to the guy's blog I won my fabulous Target gift card from. Yes, a guy! He is searching for a job. I personally don't know many in his field, but perhaps you do. Check it out, he is willing to re-locate.

Here are some of his qualifications:

Acted as owner-contractor liaison; Approved monthly requisitions; Arranged CPM schedule changes; Collected for accounts receivable; Coordinated cost codes, estimates, and quantities; Created materials submittals and source of supplies; Ordered materials and supplies; Planned, estimated, and coordinated projects; Prepared and submitted bids and contracts; Procured bonds and permits; Reviewed and revised plans as needed; Screened and managed personnel; Tracked prime and sub-contractor quantities; Utilized Alpha 4 Version 2.0, Lotus 123 Version 3.1, Primavera Version 5.0, and Word Perfect

One Week Left.

I have one week left in my 30's.

And frankly, although I am slightly weirded out at the thought of it, I am okay with it too. I am who I am, no matter the number. I refuse to claim being old, why do that to yourself? I don't try to be teenager, but why be an old lady? No thanks. I am just who I am, I feel no different as the years add on. I still struggle with some things, I have overcome's all just a journey.

A journey worth claiming that next candle.

So I will embrace this last week in my thirties, but I will embrace next Friday as I enter my forties, celebrating as I go.