Monday, July 28, 2008

A Word Spoken

"My nose is too big", or too small, or pointy, or wide, or perhaps you are speaking of your bottom instead.
"If only I was taller"...thinner, shorter, braver, athletic, more muscular.
"My hair is so flat and straight",...or too curly, thin, dark, gray, thick, unmanageable, or missing.
"I am so curvy", or perhaps flat as a pancake.

We all do it. We all pick on ourselves. When I get critical of myself my husband will speak up:
"Stop talking about my wife like that".

Who am I to question what God has designed? I am beautifully and wonderfully made. He saw me being knit together in my mothers womb. Why would I disagree with what he created?
Society, that's why.
We are told what is beautiful, what is acceptable, and what "normal" looks like. We are taught to ridicule and then "fix" what is perceived as wrong. What is hip, cool and acceptable changes with each society and era in time. This issue goes deeper than our own self image, or our questioning what God designed. We affect our children and their sense of self. They listen so carefully, and then look at themselves with the critical eye you are using to critique yourself. They may turn that on friends as well. Fourth graders shouldn't be dieting and speaking of their first cosmetic surgery, yet they are. Sixteen year old are receiving nose jobs, and breast enhancements instead of cars (or a simple pool party with friends) for their birthdays. What parent looked at them and said "You're right, you do need surgery to be pretty"?!

A children's book exists that is written about mommy getting plastic surgery to finally be pretty, what's wrong here?

Please remember, those sturdy legs you have? Your precious daughter might have them too, and she is listening. Your ruddy skin...your son can hear you and has the same skin tone.

Change your language, give yourself a break, and impact your child for the better...


Thany said...

Very true.
Very nice.
I like the "Stop talking about my wife like that" line the best. :)

Dena said...

gee-wiz, I feel like I just got in trouble! :o) Well put, thanks. And I think Aaron's a sweetie-pie to respond like that, he's definately a keeper!

Misty said...

i completely agree! This was such a great post....
i am FAR from how I want to look but I try so hard to keep that to myself and really rely on God for the strength to change the things I need to, and accept the things I can't...

Bella's momma said...

This is a wonderful post!!! Thank you for the very gentle reminder.

Have a wondeful week,

Krista @ Bits and Pieces

PS I found you through blogherads!

MomOfDudes said...

Your hubby wins the coolest comment award.

I completely agree!!!

Love, Troysie

*emmy said...

I heard about that book, and I don't like it! But as far as your thoughts, yup....they are all true thoughts that we silently say to ourselves as we look into the mirrow (especially when stand nakie) . We have all said them sometime or another. I know I am guilty of judging myself and need to stop it!

BTW Damon says the same thing to me too! "Stop talking about my wife". Our sweet husbands.