Wednesday, July 30, 2008

That's No Zucchini!

I planted a couple tomato plants this year, along with a potato that had sprouted and an assortment of herbs. I also picked up a little Zucchini plant. I put it in a bigger container and took care of it. I love Zucchini, especially little ones fresh from my own backyard.
I cared for it and watched it grow.

But, hmmm, the leaves didn't seem quite right, they aren't big enough, and aren't dark green enough. Then I noticed the vine was a bit prickly, and hey, what are those little twisty offshoots grabbing onto things? It had been a really long time since I lived somewhere long enough to plant things, so maybe I have forgotten. I watched as it blossomed and looked for little Zuccs everyday, I know what happens if you leave one for just a day or two too long, GIANT ZUCCHINI, but I never found any. I decided to put it in a bigger pot and feed it today, maybe to get some actual produce from it, when I saw it,
something green,
and a bit long,
and spiky and curved?... Wait a minute, that's no Zucchini!
That's a cucumber!!

Oh well.
I am sure someone somewhere has a plethora of Zucchinis they will share, or maybe even sneak onto my porch!



Misty said...

MMMM Zuchini. although I think cucumbers are ok, I'd be a tad disappointed.
We had a neighbor in Michigan who always left huge zucchini on our door step. I miss that!

Thany said...

I am just in awe of anyone who can actually GROW food. I'd love to give it a try sometime.

Dena said...

I'm thinking Lori has a few she could spare. And this post totally reminded me of on VeggieTales when Larry argues that he's 'not a pickle, he's a cucumber'! It's NOT a zucchini, it's a cucumber.

John said...

Crayl, thanks for commenting for my giveaway!

Oh, and cucumbers are good, too. Cucumbers make pickles!