Monday, July 21, 2008

Ten on Tuesday, I

Things I am thankful for, I edition:

In a bit of order, but not strictly in order:

1. Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream.....mmmmmmmmmm.
2. Inga ,our faux "Swedish nanny" when Spencer was a baby.
3. Idaho, potatoes sure, and the state that holds a family we sure do miss.
4. Indiana Jones
5. Isotopes.
6. Iced Tea
7. Illustrations
8. Imagination
9. Instrumentals
10. In-laws, I have some good ones.

Add your link to a thankful post!
I would love it if you tried the letter I list, but any lists of thankfulness will be accepted! Thank You MARKY at Wheat Free Clan for the idea to Link You Up!

Why I am so thankful.


jennifer said...

Very cool thankful list! Life is better when we are looking at the things that we are thankful for than for the things we wish that we could change.

Have a great day.


Kristy said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement and dare I say It sure feels like love. Thank you soo much.

Michelle said...

Okay, I'm really going to do it. I'm working hard on my "I" list. I WILL NOT go to bed until I post one! (she says hopefully)

marky said...

Well Duh! yeah I forgot to linky up!

Thany said...

I wanted to be met with the "I" challenge but just couldn't get it together this week!

*emmy said...

Indiana Jones! Oh good one.