Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, H

Things I am thankful for, the letter H!

In no particular order.

1. Holy Spirit
2. Home
3. Horsey Sauce on an Arby's sandwich. Yummy.
4. Hands
5. Healing
6. Heather, and Heather, and Heather, and then Heather too, oh, and Heather.
7. Heidi, the book and the person (no relation).
8. Heaven (whew)
9. Hawks
10. Handles, they are so, um, handy! :)

Now it is your turn...tell me the H things you are thankful for...tell us all! Please leave a comment if you leave a link, thank you!

I am not the originator of Ten On Tuesday, and I frankly don't know who is. So I am giving credit to whoever that is and not taking it for myself. Thankfulness is just really important to me, it changed my life.


Thany said...

This will be fun-yay!!

marky said...

Glad that you decided to linky this up!

MomOfDudes said...

I am a copier and I am only on F.
I am so thankful for you, and these H things too!!!

1. Hugs
2. Honey with Lemon when you are sick
3. Ham
4. Happy faces
5. Home
6. Heaven
7. Hell- makes #6 even better
8. Highlights
9. Holding Hands
10.Hee Hee Hee Hee

Amy said...

This will be very fun. I can't wait to see what all my faboo friends write.

Dena said...

Happy, happy, happy, hopin'for you to have a happy day. :o)