Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, F

Ten things I am thankful for, F edition:
In no particular order.

1. My maiden last name. Not telling what it is, but it started with F.
2. Frozen Yogurt (Yooooooguuuurt).
3. Freedom, and the people who protect it.
4. Fabulous, it's a word I love to use.
5. Food Network.
6. Friends, ahhhh friends, I mean the real ones, not the show.
7. For richer, For poorer. We apparently really meant it. :)
8. Fireworks, Fourth of July, Hey, look, a 2 for 1, how American!
9. Forks, lets face it, we all need them.
10. Fruit.


bighairenvy said...

"F" is a FABULOUS letter for Ten on Tuesday :)

Dena said...

1. that my name doesn't start with 'F'
2. frozen yogurt gives me gas
3. farts...i mean fluffs
4. the word fabuloso
5. food
6. Friends, the TV show
7. i'm currently enjoying poorer
8. firecrackers being legal here
9. sporks
10. fruity people

just thought I'd give you my own variation of your list...your welcome. :o)