Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Smart Step Stool

Last summer we had the opportunity to live with another family (read this as we we suddenly without a home and this family graciously shared theirs with us).
In the kitchen I was slightly confused regarding this object...because this family's home was decorated very classically, not country, yet , here stood this thing...

They often had the drying wash cloth or dishtowel over the top of the stick. I quickly learn this was a step stool...with a BRILLIANT handle, so you don't have to bend over to move it around the kitchen.
It is swift and easy, just grab the top and walk to wherever and set gently down. I am going to ask my dad to make me one.

It totally works for me.
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queenoftheclick said...

Oh that is really cool. I need one. Actually, I need a stick on the one we have.

Michelle said...


Anonymous said...

Oh - this is awesome!